Facing Addiction Across America Tour Kicks off at Pasadena Recovery Center

Published : Monday, July 11, 2016 | 11:03 AM

L-R: Michael Bloom, Ryan Hampton, Rep Judy Chu (D-Monterey Park).

Democratic Delegate and Pasadena Recovery Center Alum, Ryan Hampton, has partnered with Facing Addiction Across America, one of America’s leading non-profits in the addiction space, and Pasadena Recovery Center, to provide a scholarship to a community member in need of treatment. Hampton checked into the Pasadena Recovery Center in the hopes to get clean. Now, seventeen months later, he is returning to the very facility that saved his life in the hopes to pay it forward.

This year, after losing 4 close friends to fatal drug overdoses, Ryan Hampton decided that something needed to be done to change the way society views addiction in America. So, on May 1st, with the support of the community and over 70 young people in recovery, Hampton ran for election as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention from California to specifically talk about the need for reform in the addiction space. What started as a small community organizing effort, has had a ripple effect nationwide and gained significant momentum. Leaders from both parties have reached out in support, along with hundreds of community-based recovery organizations. In partnership with Facing Addiction, Hampton decided to chronicle his journey to the convention in an effort to spread more awareness towards the issue. The series begins at the very same place recovery began for Hampton, Pasadena Recovery Center, where Hampton will meet with an individual in need of treatment and offer him or her a thirty day scholarship.

“We are very excited to have one of our Alumni, Ryan Hampton, be elected as a Democratic Delegate and carry the message to shatter the stigma on addiction to America.” Says Michael Bloom, CEO of Pasadena Recovery Center.

Hampton experienced first-hand the horror of addiction and the hope that comes from recovery. Leading up to The Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, he and his best friend Garrett, will travel across the country talking about the addiction crisis and bringing to light the faces and stories of addiction and recovery across America. Their experience will be produced into a bi-weekly web-series on youtube (running approximately 20 minutes per episode).

Ryan Hampton currently serves as the Los Angeles outreach lead for Facing Addiction, a national non-profit dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in America. Prior to that, he worked with multiple non-profits across the country and has served in a staff capacity for various political campaigns. In 2016, Ryan publicly disclosed his decade old struggle with heroin and prescription drugs, along with his journey in recovery, in an effort to advocate for reform on a national public policy level. He will be celebrating 18 months clean and sober on August 2nd, one week after the conclusion of this project.

About Pasadena Recovery Center

Located in the charming historic district of Pasadena, the Pasadena Recovery Center was co-founded in 2000 by renowned psychiatrist Dr. Lee Bloom, his daughter Alison Triessl, and his son Michael Bloom. The 98-bed drug and alcohol treatment center is nationally known for its 12-step based comprehensive treatment program and highly skilled, licensed and certified staff. Pasadena Recovery Center is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care to those suffering from chemical dependency and is proud to offer lifesaving and life-changing treatment at an affordable cost. Pasadena Recovery Center offers network providers for insurance. The Pasadena Recovery Center’s goal is to reintroduce sober individuals into society with the skills necessary to lead meaningful, productive lives and offers sober housing in addition to treatment. Spruce House is located only minutes away from their facility and is committed to providing an affordable home-like environment for men in early recovery from chemical dependency.

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