Families Partner with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity to Build and Buy Their Own Homes in Pasadena

Published : Monday, April 22, 2019 | 4:53 AM

Two local families started building their own homes on April 13 at the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Manzanita Homes site in Pasadena, after an inaugural board cutting ceremony with more than 50 community members and volunteers attending.

The two future homeowner families cut the first 2×6’s marking the beginning of construction on their new homes. San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity supporters and volunteers – including those from Arcadia High School, Assumption Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Elizabeth of Hungary –  signed the pieces of wood that will be displayed in the homes once they are completed.

The small lot located on Manzanita Avenue in northwest Pasadena, acquired through a partnership with the City of Pasadena, will have two single-family residences.

Like other SGV Habitat homes, these life-changing properties on the Manzanita site are sold through affordable mortgages to qualified families. SGV Habitat for Humanity started the application process for the two homes in January, to seek low-income, first-time homebuyers who were currently experiencing inadequate housing and were willing to contribute a minimum of 500 hours of “sweat equity” in building their home and the homes of their future neighbors.

The application period ended in February.

“This is truly a blessing,” said future homeowner Denny during the inaugural event last week. “Tiffany and I have had our struggles providing for our four children. All six of us live in a one-bedroom home.”

With the support of SGV Habitat and countless supporters, the families of the Manzanita site will help build the homes they will purchase, allowing them financial stability, greater health outcomes, and better opportunities in the future.

“Every Saturday,” said Denny, “when we head out, our children ask where we are headed. We always respond: ‘we’re going to work on our home!’”

The Manzanita Avenue homebuyers are just two of the nearly 60 families who are partnering with SGV Habitat this year to build or repair a place to call home.

To donate or volunteer to make these homes and many others possible across the region, visit www.sgvhabitat.org.

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