Filipino Students at PCC to Get Proud(er)

Published : Tuesday, June 4, 2019 | 3:06 PM

The Reunited Organization of Pilipino-Americans (TROPA) student club at Pasadena City College is putting the final preparatory touches to this year’s Pilipino Culture Night.

“The theme of this event is identity, which is the road to self-discovery, learning and appreciating one’s own ancestry and traditions, as well as ‘gratitude for the sacrifices our families have endured to get us to where we are today,’” TROPA said in a statement.

The June 7 Pilipino Cultural Night features a banquet and a show with both traditional and contemporary Filipino performances.

Guests are requested to wear formal attire, with a theme of black and gold, according to the announcement.

Friday at the Pasadena City College Quad. 1570 East Colorado Boulevard. Attendance is free. Parking, available at the parking structure on Hill Avenue and Del Mar Boulevard, is not ($2).

To register and for more information, visit Or visit






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