Fire Sprinklers Quell Small Fire in Medical Building

Published : Thursday, April 11, 2019 | 4:55 AM

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Pasadena firefighters responded to a fire alarm at 39 Congress Street early Wednesday and found water damage on the third and second floors of a multi-story commercial medical building from a sprinkler that had activated in response

That activation was triggered by a fire authorities believed was caused by an electric cup warmer left plugged in, and placed in a wooden box with coffee break items, according to the Pasadena Fire Department.

During the course of the night, heat from the device warmed surrounding materials enough to ignite a fire that burned the box and cabinet above, the report said.

When firefighters on Engine 31 arrived at about 1:37 a.m., they found water from the sprinkler had put out the fire.

The fire crews helped clean up the water damage on the third and second floors, and reset the fire alarm to normal operations, before releasing control of the scene at about 3:46 a.m.

The Pasadena Fire Department also issued a reminder that small accessories, such as the cup warmer in this case, can lead to bigger fires, activated sprinklers, and water damage.

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