Pasadena Firefighters Rescue Man Struck by Gold Line Train, Trapped Underneath

Published : Friday, October 18, 2019 | 5:53 AM

Image courtesy Pasadena Fire Dept.

Pasadena firefighters worked two hours this morning to extricate a seriously injured man trapped beneath a Gold Line train at the Allen Station.

Firefighters responding to a 3:08 a.m. call located the man, still breathing, under the train and immediately initiated a comprehensive rescue operation.

Because of the seriousness of the man’s injuries and the amount of time rescue preparations were likely to take, the Pasadena Fire Battalion Chief asked that a Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT Team) be activated and fly to the scene.

A HERT Team began to assemble for transportation by a Los Angeles County Fire helicopter, as a potential landing zone on the westbound 210 Freeway was cleared by California Highway Patrol.

LA Metro’s Rail Operations Control was asked to shut power off at the substations east and west of the incident. The overhead high voltage lines were neutralized.

Other cars of the train were de-coupled.

As soon as power shutoff was confirmed, Pasadena rescuers move in quickly and were able to extricate the man in only 12 minutes.

The victim was rushed by rescue ambulance in critical condition to a local hospital. The  HERT Team returned to the hospital.

A second rescue ambulance was requested for the train’s conductor, who was examined by paramedics but not transported.

It is not yet known how the man ended up on the tracks.


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