Smart Bangle Launches After Unveiling at First Seen at Silicon Dragon Conference in Pasadena

Published : Friday, July 31, 2015 | 5:20 AM

A fashionable smart watch showcased at the Silicon Dragon Conference event at the Pasadena Convention Center launches today with the lofty goal of breaking down barriers between technology and women.

Elemoon, a “smart jewelry” maker, will launch their first smart bangle in the Los Angeles Market today in Santa Monica.

Meant to be sexy and beautiful, the smart bangle tells the time, can change colors to match your outfit and can even help locate your lost smart phone.

Founder and CEO of Elemoon Jing Zhou thinks technology should enhance everything—making beautiful things more beautiful and fun things more fun.

“I’ve always had this vision to make technology more emotional. Many women say to me ‘I don’t get technology, technology is cold, technology makes me stupid.’ It’s the fault of tech products,” Zhou said.

As a rising journalist turned entrepreneur, Zhou saw a market that was ripe for the picking. While wearable technology is a $70 billion industry, Zhou said jewelry is almost four times more bringing in $335 billion annually.

“Women are underserved in the tech community, but women drive more sales,” Zhou said. “Women want more, women are sensual animals, we want to touch it and smell it.”

When she showed the product to a group of six year olds, saying the watch could match any outfit, one girl ran into her room and came back with a Princess Elsa dress to match with the watch.

The Elemoon team worked together to build the entire watch with quality products, including the customized screws.

The company sent out 700 bangles to the kickstarter investors already. Elemoon is currently located in Los Angeles, New York, and China.

Zhou grew up and completed her undergraduate degree before moving to Los Angeles.

The launch event will happen at the Santa Monica Flagship store tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. located at 1357 5th street. A bus will leave from the Pasadena Convention Center at 4:15 taking anyone who is interested in attending the event.

To see more about the product visit elemoon’s website:


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