Five Acres Launches Permanency Campaign with Event at Cross Campus Pasadena

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1:13 pm | November 2, 2015

The message is clear; LA County needs more parent recruits and the goal of this campaign is to identify 20,000 families for children in foster care, by the year 2020. It’s a lofty goal but Five Acres is up to the task. Since premiering the campaign in 2014, Five Acres has been able to secure more than 1,365 permanent families for children in foster care.┬áThe campaign has increased the recruitment of parents by 79% and the overall campaign continues to bring much needed awareness to the crisis that is the LA County foster care system.

Five Acres CEO Chanel Boutakidis shares, “After just one year we have been able to help 1,365 children discharge to permanency. The largest numbers were because of our prevention and intervention efforts. Children were able to stay safely with their biological family and did not enter the foster care system to begin with. Although the number of inquiries and those starting the certification process to become a foster parent has doubled, our greatest challenge continues to be the need to recruit many more; both foster and adoptive families. Although our numbers have increased we still need more. Many more! We need to do better if we want permanency for the 20,000 children. We need to continue to rally for change in our communities. If you want to learn more about how you can get involved, please visit our website or call Five Acres today.”

The event featured complimentary wine, signature cocktails; lime green, “appletinis” and custom-designed salami and cheese “clip boards,” butternut squash fritters, pear, blue cheese, fig chutney and pistachio crostata with honey drizzle and mushroom vilos, from City Fare Catering.

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About Five Acres

Five Acres is a child and family services agency strengthening families and preventing child abuse through treatment and education in community-based and residential programs. Established as an orphanage in 1888, today Five Acres offers an array of services including community-based services, residential treatment, foster care and adoption, supporting the nearly 8,400 children and families in five counties, including Los Angeles.