Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Celebrates Veritas Week with Dominican Liturgy

(L to R) Caitlin Sigler, Clara Gross, Bree Ryan, Lindsey Pierson, Ella Gmelich, Kylie Yatesimg_0304(L to R) Madelyn Peterson, Ally Clapp, Katie Conley, and Meredith Roberts sing during the service.(L to R) Bishop Gerald E. Wilkerson speaks to the FSHA community about inherent goodness during his homily.(L to R) Students hold hands in prayer during the liturgy.(L to R) Sahvannah Henry and Sarah VegaStudents wrote down the Dominican pillar they intend to focus on this year on strips of paper. These were collected to form a chain that decorated the podium and school hallways.(L to R) Andrea Bennett, Ellie DiPietro, Melissa Schwaigerlehner(L to R) Kate Newton, Claire Sigler, Hannah Zika(L to R) Sister Donna and Class President Kacey Benson before the service.(L to R) Andrea Bennett, Karin Gredvig, Kirsten Polzin, Caroline Clapp, and Emily Develle before the service.(L to R) Juliana Smith, Isabella Kesterman, Rebecca Garcera(L to R) Kate Rosenberger, Kaley Mitchell, Emma Stellwagenimg_3748(L to R) Kelly Tramontin, head of the Religion department, sits with three of her freshman students: Natalie Buntich, Hannah Scott, and Athena Tonarely.(L to R) Katherine Laco hands out black and white ribbons in honor of Veritas Week.(L to R) Brikk Bralley, Katherine Laco and Claire Sigler attended the Dominican Preaching Conference over the summer and shared their experiences with their classmates.

Article and Photos courtesy of FLINTRIDGE SACRED HEART ACADEMY

5:12 pm | October 7, 2013

On Wednesday, October 2, students and faculty at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy gathered together for their first liturgy of the school year. Bishop Gerald E. Wilkerson , along with Deacon Bob Seidler, presided over the service. During Bishop Wilkerson’s homily, he encouraged the students to “know [their] goodness,” and to “allow goodness to flow out of [them].” After the liturgy, three of the student campus ministers, Brikk Bralley, Claire Sigler and Katherine Laco, shared their experiences from the Dominican Preaching Conference they attended over the summer in Michigan. Some of the many lessons they took back with them included the idea of LULO, “Look Up, Look Out,” instead of the popular slogan YOLO (“You Only Live Once”). As Brikk explained, ”One of the awesome speakers at the conference, Michael Petro, challenged us to look up to God for guidance in our lives while also reaching out to the needs of our world.”

The liturgy was part of Veritas Week, a week that celebrates the Dominican heritage of FSHA. [Optional: Other events throughout the week included a daily morning reflection and a bake sale, whose proceeds went to Father Tom’s Kids, a Dominican charity that supports education in Kenya. There was also a free dress day for students who paid $1 for the opportunity (proceeds also going to Father Tom’s Kids).

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