Flippy’s Back and Apparently Even Better

Published : Wednesday, May 30, 2018 | 4:13 PM

Flippy, the robot that made headlines when it debuted in March at Pasadena’s Caliburger, is back at work flipping burgers.

The $100,000 hamburger-flipping robot was pulled out of the kitchen after its first day at work in March because it got in the way of human workers, who were struggling to keep up with it.

Flippy came back quietly early in May and has since been serving seven days a week, at three hours a day, a USA Today report said Monday.

“Now he moves like a ninja and is more reliable,” said David Zito, CEO of Miso Robotics, which designed and built Flippy.

Zito said the robot had trouble placing finished burgers on the tray and would often miss the target. Training was also an issue – Miso Robotics and Caliburger hadn’t taught enough staffers to work with the robot.

Zito indicated those issues have been addressed, and Caliburger’s plan to launch 50 more Flippys at its different locations in 2019 is still on track.

The robot can cook hundreds of burgers a day.

The USA Today report said Flippy-type robots could cut into one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the country. From 2007 to 2017, fast-food restaurant jobs rose about 40 percent to 4.9 million, it said, quoting Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

When Miso Robotics and the Cali Group last year unveiled the concept of the “collaborative kitchen assistant,” as they called Flippy then, they said they were starting with cooking burgers, but the AI (artificial intelligence) software Miso Robotics was using could be adapted to other kitchen tasks, such as “frying chicken, cutting vegetables or final plating.”

Caliburger said integrating Miso Robotics into their kitchen would allow them to redeploy some of its staff to the dining room to engage more with customers.

To learn more about how Miso Robotics is revolutionizing the restaurant and prepared food industries with artificial intelligence, visit www.misorobotics.com.







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