Fly Kicks for Kids at Cleveland a Huge Success

Fly Kicks for Kids at ClevelandFly Kicks for Kids at ClevelandFly Kicks for Kids at ClevelandFly Kicks for Kids at ClevelandFly Kicks for Kids at ClevelandFly Kicks for Kids at ClevelandFly Kicks for Kids at ClevelandFly Kicks for Kids at Cleveland

Photography courtesy Councilmember Tyrone Hampton

9:15 am | November 4, 2018

Continuing their tradition of support, Fly Kicks for Kids visited Cleveland Elementary School in Pasadena this September at the invitation of Pasadena City Councilmember Tyron Hampton and school officials to give shoes to low-income school children. The event was a success according to participants.

The nonprofit group that supports kids from low-income families by giving away free sneakers, mostly at school events, was founded by Pasadena resident Major Williams and former Los Angeles Rams player Deral Boykin, gave away brand new K-Swiss sneakers to kids in grades K-5, much to the delight of the children.

“They started this organization because when they were young, they didn’t have access to a new pair of shoes more than once a year,” Hampton said of the founders. “So they just wanted to do something as simple as giving shoes.”

“I went to Cleveland elementary and it’s important to me to show our young people that no matter what age you are and no matter what school you went to, everybody has an opportunity to support their community and give back,” Hampton said.

Boykin was born and raised in Kent, Ohio, and as a young boy knew early that he would excel as an athlete. After high school, he attended the University of Kansas and the University of Louisville on an athletic scholarship in 1988 to 1993, until he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams and went on to play four years in the NFL.

Boykin also played for the Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Philadephia Eagles. He has always had a passion for giving back and has participated in various charity events through different NFL programs. Five years ago, he began doing an annual Christmas toy drive which proved to be extremely successful and a positive footprint in charity participation.

After Boykin learned last yeat that Major Williams was giving away sneakers to youth, the two began partnering by launching Fly Kicks For Kids.

Williams is a Dallas, Texas native who’s been residing in Pasadena for over 18 years. He worked for five years at Erickson Mental Health Services and quickly made an impact with creative ideas that inspired many of the kids in the program.

He began college at Louisiana Tech University where he majored in business and marketing. Now, when Williams isn’t enjoying family life with his wife and two kids, he is attending entrepreneurial and marketing workshops. For him, Fly Kicks For Kids is a passionate mission that he feels very strongly about.

Fly Kicks for Kids visits schools throughout the country.

Councilmember Hampton invited them to be in Pasadena last September.

“The reason why we do this is because we want to show our young people the importance of giving back,” Hampton said during the event.

“I went to Cleveland and it’s important that we instill those life lessons whatever you can, you do what you can. It definitely raises the profile in which these kids as positive individuals. So thank you, Fly kicks for Kids for giving all the kids at Cleveland Elementary the opportunity to see what giving back looks like. And then also thank you, Deborah Lucas, the principal at Cleveland Elementary for doing a fantastic job of motivating kids and showing them positive aspects on the day to day and through education.”

Hampton says he plans to invite Fly for Kicks to other schools within the Pasadena Unified School District, and hopes to partner with the Pasadena Convention Center or the Rose Bowl management for them to host a larger event generally for all PUSD schools.

To learn more about Fly Kicks for Kids, visit their website,