Muir Awarded Victory for Last Week’s Football Game that Ended in Brawl, But 10 Mustangs Suspended for Thursday’s Home Opener

Published : Wednesday, September 5, 2018 | 3:19 PM

In Hayward, California, on August 31, 2018 John Muir High School and Stellar Prep coaching staffs talk to Mustang and opponent Thunder football players after their game was stopped by referees when a brawl erupted. Image via Twitter

The fallout from the brawl last Friday up north in Hayward has finally come to a head.

Muir had flown up to Northern California to take on Stellar Prep last weekend for its second game of the 2018 season.

According to players, coaches and parents from the Muir side, the minute the Mustangs’ players got off their bus, the chatter directed their way began and it never really stopped.

The Mustangs got out to an early and substantial lead, 29-6, but barely into the second half, the late hits from the other side got to a breaking point and an all-out brawl ensued.

Officials had little choice but to halt the contest, despite still having most of the second half that needed to be played.

According to Muir coach Antyone Sims Wednesday via text message, the Mustangs have officially been awarded the victory to improve to 2-0.

They did not escape scot-free, however, and will be somewhat shorthanded tomorrow (Thursday) night when they host Rancho Christian at 7.

The Mustangs will be missing ‘a few guys’ according to Sims.

Rancho Christian (1-2) will head out to Pasadena from Temecula and they arrive on a two-game losing streak versus Corona and Elsinore in that order.

Muir is not only 2-0, more importantly, both wins have come on the road.

After ‘week two’ games, Muir and Crescenta Valley (3-0) are the only two Pacific League programs without a loss.