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Foothill Restaurant: Finding its Footing

Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | 2:22 PM

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Foothill Restaurant is the rebranded iteration of Twohey’s Tavern and retains much of what’s made Twohey’s Diner a local fixture for more than 75 years. Perhaps not enough.


I visited Foothill for dinner on a Wednesday night. At 7:30 p.m., the restaurant was humming. Families, groups of longtime friends, and several couples were midway through their meals. The game was on. Many patrons sat at the bar eating and drinking while they watched.


Foothill’s refined decor speaks to the elevated dining it aims to serve: exposed Edison bulbs, a wall of brick that looks out to Foothill Blvd, hand moisturizer in the bathroom.


Pumpkin seed hummus


To start, my companion and I shared the pumpkin seed hummus and onion rings. Apparently, the onion rings are a recipe from Twohey’s and, boy, are they delicious. Flaky, warm, not overpowering. Eat it with a fork, you’ll be glad you did. I just wish it came with tartar sauce.


The pumpkin seed hummus, while a little cold, was refreshing and likewise light. A dab of what must have been cumin elevated the pumpkin seed into something that felt gourmet.


Between our apps and entrées, we shared a Boston Bibb salad. While the lettuce was somewhat limp, it was seasoned enough to make up for it. The salad was a sobering palette cleanser.



Caroline, our server, was attentive and a joy to engage with. She had been with Foothill since it was Twohey’s Tavern and had weathered the changes in kitchen and cuisine.


She recommended to us the San Simeon Pinot Noir; each of us had a glass. The wine had just enough bite to match my steak, yet was crisp and smooth enough to not overpower my companion’s salmon.


I ordered the bacon-wrapped filet, perfectly cooked to medium. Two toothpicks held the steak together, which struck me as odd. I ate around them nonetheless, and I’m glad I did.


My companion had the grilled Scottish salmon. The fish was served on a bed of spinach and was surrounded by a delectable dill mustard beurre blanc.



Foothill is a viable sit-down dinner option in East Pasadena. If you’re coming home from an afternoon at Bowlero, or are about to catch a show at A Noise Within, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better meal.


The ingredients are fresh, the beef is Certified Angus, the fish comes from a local purveyor. While the ambiance may not feel up to par with the food, the service is driven by an attention to detail that’s perhaps better-suited at a white tablecloth restaurant.


And that’s really the only complaint I’d have about Foothill—it’s dressed like a sports bar or something far more casual, but tastes like an upscale New American joint. The upbeat top 40 music playing overhead, the game on the TV, the plentiful diner options brought over from Twohey’s—all these factors suggest Foothill is aiming for something far more casual than the price or quality of its food suggests.



When we left at 9:15, far more people were drinking at the bar than were eating at tables.


“The menu is moderately priced so people can dine here two, three times a month and it doesn’t break their bank account,” said Herschel, the new GM at Foothill.


This much is true. The food is quality. The service is top-notch. Although there remains aspects that need tweaking, dinner at Foothill is a relaxed, comfortable experience for a decent price.


Foothill is located at 2835 E. Foothill Blvd. Visit or call (626) 449-2337.







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