Former All Saints Church Rector Reverend Ed Bacon Returns to Pasadena This Weekend to Deliver Special Sermon

Published : Monday, November 13, 2017 | 8:19 AM

Former Pasadena All Saints Church Rector Reverend Ed Bacon

Former All Saints Church rector of 21 years Reverend Ed Bacon returns to Pasadena this weekend to deliver a special sermon just over a year since retiring and relocating to Alabama.

Bacon’s tiring retirement agenda since leaving Pasadena has taken him all around the world, from Jamaica to Canada and places in between, working as a self-described freelance priest making presentations to diverse groups of people about love and compassion.

The next stop on Bacon’s globetrotting mission takes him to All Saints Church this Sunday where locals will be able to catch up with the former rector and hear about life outside of Pasadena.

“There’s a lot of diversity outside Pasadena,” Bacon said on Friday. “[Here] there can be a culture of … the ‘Pasadena way’– it’s very interesting to step outside of that and see how many different ways people have for being in the world.”

“I have never traveled as much as I’m traveling now to preach and teach,” Bacon added.

Last year, when Bacon said goodbye to Pasadena he had spent over two decades here advocating progressive agendas related to public policy, social justice, racial equality, and much more.

The Georgia-born Bacon moved with his wife to nearby Birmingham, Alabama to be closer to both his children and grandchildren, the place he now calls home when he isn’t on the road.

“I’ve gone from Canada down to Jamaica to make all sorts of presentations. My central passion is about love and fear and how you can be a person who lives a love-based life versus a fear-based life and all of us can be in and out of that to some degree,” explained Bacon.

Bacon recognized the social and political differences in his new home state of Alabama compared to Pasadena and enjoys the challenge of facing adversity on a daily basis.
“I’m supposed to be in a red-state environment,” explained Bacon. “I am convinced during these times that some good news about love and interconnectedness and justice inclusion and mindfulness is needed in a red-state environment which is actually a fear-based [environment].”

“Pasadena is very enlightened and very progressive and forward thinking,” said Bacon. “Gosh I miss that.”

According to Bacon, he sees the world at large becoming increasingly active in a variety of causes.

“I’m finding a creative social activism everywhere I go. So I wouldn’t say it’s more or less. But frankly, I’m discovering that that’s everywhere. Everybody’s doing their own brand of it and everybody is quite differentiated from the other,” said Bacon.

Bacon says he notices the younger generation being engaged more than ever before.

“There is a very exciting, innovative, youthful energized political activism,” said Bacon.
“On the local level, people are quite resolute that they’re going to change and make life more humane and compassionate,” added Bacon.

How does Pasadena fare in this mix? According to Bacon, Pasadena’s strong suit is giving back.

“I think Pasadena is really distinguished in terms of being such a philanthropic city. There are so many people who are giving themselves and their resources in a lot of very constructive nonprofits. That’s very very impressive. There’s a level of relationality that is also inspiring in Pasadena. It’s one of the things that I really learned and was stimulated to cultivate while I was here for 21 years is to understand the value of relationships,” said Bacon.

Bacon will be returning to Pasadena this Sunday to deliver a sermon at All Saints pulpit at the 9 and 11 a.m. services.

All Saints Church is located at 132 N. Euclid Ave., Pasadena. Call (626) 796-1172 or visit





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