Former Vice President, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Visits Pasadena Thursday

Published : Friday, September 27, 2019 | 4:48 AM

Former Vice President, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden visited Pasadena City College Thursday evening. File photo via Facebook

As impeachment proceedings picked up steam in Washington, D.C. Thursday, former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke at a fundraiser event at Pasadena City College.

Biden’s appearance at the fundraiser was orchestrated by Pasadenan Lena L. Kennedy, founder of Women in Leadership Vital Voices, a women’s empowerment group she founded.

Media pool reports indicate Biden spoke for about an hour to a crowd of roughly 200 people at the event.

The pool reported that at PCC Biden mimicked Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president before concluding “This ain’t your father’s Republican party.”

“There’s still a lot of decent men there, and women,” Biden is reported to have said. “But they’re being intimidated by a guy who will go after them like he tried to go after me.”

Earlier Thursday, Biden had appeared at a fundraiser in a private home in San Marino where he reportedly spoke to about 130 guests at the home of Jules and Amy Buenabenta, with Joe Waz and Cynthia Telles the co-hosts, according to pool reports.

This was Biden’s second swing since July through Pasadena on trips that have also taken him to other parts of Southern California.

This week’s regional trip comes at a crucial time in the Delawarian’s campaign as Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) surge in the polls appears to have changed his role from front-runner to another runner.

As politicians in peril often do, Biden choose a talk show in Hollywood as a forum for cozying up to voters in a nonpolitical setting. That was Jimmy Kimmel live, which aired on Sept. 25 (Wednesday).

Prior to his Hollywood Boulevard sojourn, Barack Obama’s vice president, America’s “Happy Warrior” as the former president called Biden on reelection eve 2012, was in Manhattan Beach for a fundraiser and then at another in Bel Air.

According to KFI, Biden stuck to his campaign pitch about the impact of another Trump presidency on the fundamental values of America, avoiding the issue of impeachment, for which the House of Representatives has taken the necessary preliminary steps.

Back in July, when he was a prohibitive favorite to capture the nomination, Biden came to Pasadena and visited the home of City Councilmember John Kennedy. He was joined at the meeting by the son now at the heart of the Ukraine controversy, Hunter.

According to media reports, the Manhattan Beach conclave was convened by surgeon Sanjay Khurana and his software engineer wife Mona, received about 150 attendees.

The Bel Air gathering, again according to media reports, was at the home of Sean Burton a local investment broker and member of the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners.