Founders of Brighton Collectibles, Terri and Jerry Kohl Make $7 Million Donation to Huntington Hospital Heart and Vascular Center

Published : Thursday, August 15, 2019 | 7:08 PM

There is relief for people who considered that over the years they may have spent too much money on Brighton Collectibles charms and accessories.

Terri and Jerry Kohl, the founders of the popular jewelry and accessory company, have donated $7 million to Huntington Hospital to support the expansion of its new Huntington Heart and Vascular Center, it was announced.

“We’ve been working with the Kohls on this for a couple of years,” said Jane Haderlein, senior vice president, philanthropy and public relations for Huntington Hospital. “They’re very thoughtful people. They’ve been very generous to the hospital over the years and this has been their most generous gift.”

Jerry Kohl is a participant in the cardiac rehabilitation program following heart-related services he received at the hospital. Two other Kohl family members also underwent heart treatment at Huntington Hospital.

The Kohls’ donations have been aimed at investing in the most cutting edge of healthcare. Among their donations was an investment in advanced robotic surgery technology.

“You hope you’re never going to need it,” said Jerry Kohl on hospital care. “We live in this community and we want good care, so we think it’s important to do our share to help support that.”

The windfall will make a difference to patients, Haderlein said.

“We’re a nonprofit hospital so we absolutely depend on donations,” Haderlein said. “Their donation is going to the new cardiac and vascular center at Huntington Hospital. Their gift in particular will enable us to increase our capacity and to treat more complex structural heart conditions. It will help an awful lot of people.”

The gift will be applied to helping a range of people and will be particularly valuable to those with more complicated heart issues.

“As a nonprofit hospital we see everyone who comes here for care but their gift is to provide the equipment and clinical setting where we can treat more patients, and treat the more challenging cases,” Haderlein said. “We see about 3000 cases per year related to heart disease. This will allow us to see about another 1000 patients each year. It will increase our capacity to serve people and will enhance our ability to treat more complex heart conditions.”

The former Terri Kravitz and Jerry Kohl met in elementary school in Monterey Park and started dating in high school. They started a boutique that catered to their classmates.

Brighton Collectibles operates 180 retail stores and the Brighton products are sold in more than 4,000 additional outlets and online stores.

Haderlein said the donation will give hope and help to many more patients and the staff is delighted.

“This donation is like wind in the sails for the physicians and the clinical staff because they know how much of a difference this kind of investment makes for patients,” Haderlein said. “We couldn’t be happier, we’re grateful.”







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