Fuller Seminary Announces New Digital Learning Platform

Published : Monday, April 29, 2019 | 4:50 AM

Fuller Seminary, the world’s largest multidenominational institution for theological graduate education, has created a new learning platform, the FULLER Leadership Platform.

The online learning tool extends the core mission of Fuller and provides high-caliber resources from Fuller’s faculty and centers of innovation to individuals who do not need or want traditional seminary degrees but desire content for personal formation and lifelong learning.

Now, individuals across the world can discover the free online resources of FULLER studio, engage FULLER Leadership Platform for non-degreed lifelong learning and formation, and attend Fuller Seminary for robust theological degrees. The FULLER Leadership Platform is releasing two learning experiences: FULLER Formation and FULLER Equip. Releasing today, FULLER Formation provides access to a library of interactive content focused on spiritual formation and personal development. FULLER Equip, available Fall 2019, offers access to research-based resources that promote Christian professional development.

Fuller Seminary President Mark Labberton shares his excitement about the FULLER Leadership Platform and the release of FULLER Formation. “The FULLER Leadership Platform aligns with our mission in providing the best resources to benefit the larger, global church that we want to serve.”

FULLER Formation is designed to foster Christian formation and spiritual growth in everyday contexts. Whether learners are seeking ways to grow deeper in faith as an individual or need a tool to bring to their community, FULLER Formation includes a variety of learning experiences on topics such as how to integrate faith and work, applying theology to everyday life, becoming an effective leader, discerning your call, and more. These high-caliber learning modules provide guided formation for learners in their everyday context.

FULLER Equip, a second learning experience that will be released Fall 2019, is for individuals who desire more rigorous content and qualification that they have achieved competency within a particular subject area. FULLER Equip provides opportunities to earn professional certificates that demonstrate learning in a variety of vocational contexts. Professional certificates that will be available include Christian Ministry Essentials, Church and Nonprofit Leadership, Worship Leader, and Church Planting. FULLER Equip provides opportunities for individuals to invest in professional development trainings in order to be better equipped in the workplace, ministry roles, and in everyday contexts. With a desire for lifelong learning, FULLER Equip gives individuals the skills to succeed and grow deeper in their faith.

“We live in a world where learning isn’t limited to a classroom setting,” said Tod Bolsinger who has led the development of this innovative platform. “Learning environments are changing and moving to new digital platforms as people desire to continue learning while working and serving in their everyday contexts. There is a need for practical and flexible resources to equip people wherever they are.”

Visit Fuller.edu/Platform to learn more about the FULLER Leadership Platform.

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