Getting to Know 2019 Rose Queen Louise Deser Siskel, in Her Own Words

Published : Tuesday, December 25, 2018 | 5:58 AM

Get to know your Rose Queen in her own words in this animated and impressive interview conducted inside Tournament House, headquarters of the Rose Parade.

Queen Louise is vivacious and intellectual, outgoing and warm.

She says she was shocked to be chosen Queen of the 2019 Tournament of Roses.

“I was so surprised. I had never expected that it would be me!” she says in the interview.

“I’m incredibly surprised and really honored to have this opportunity to have the opportunity to represent the tournament of roses and the city of Pasadena and also to have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to other young girls in the area to show how them that you can pursue your passions regardless of obstacles you may face.”

Queen Louise exemplifies a passion that characterizes one of the hallmarks of the Pasadena area: a love of science.

The 18-year-old senior at Sequoyah School hopes to become a surgeon. She was just accepted at the University of Chicago.

“I’m lucky to live in this area,” Queen Louise says. “there’s incredible research occurring here and I’ve gotten to participate in some of that research.”

She says that for her, science is really a way of asking questions and wondering about the world around her.

“I’ve always gravitated towards science. When I was little I used to make my grandfather lie down on the floor and I would perform surgeries on him,” she says.

Queen Louise is looking forward to Parade day, of course, but she also is already, philosophically, considering the longer perspective.

“Really, I hope to walk away with many stories, stories of people that I met and friends that I made… along the way,” she says.