Giant TaxSlayer Returns Preparation Service Offers New Refunds Visa Card Through Pasadena-Based Green Dot

Published : Wednesday, October 24, 2018 | 5:35 AM

Pasadena-based financial giant Green Dot announced it has partnered with the tax technology corporation TaxSlayer to create a prepaid Visa Card that will be available to customers beginning with the 2018 tax season.

The TaxSlayer prepaid visa card, issued by Green Dot Bank, is a full-service reloadable prepaid debit card account featuring free early Direct Deposit, free bill pay, a large network of fee-free ATMs and no overdraft fees or penalty fees.

The TaxSlayer prepaid visa card was developed using Green Dot Corporation’s “Banking as a Service” platform which allows outside partners to use Green Dot’s bank, technology, and program management capabilities to design and brand their own products.

The card is meant to serve as a convenient option to those without a direct deposit option for their tax refunds or for those currently using more expensive checking accounts or prepaid cards to manage their finances.

In 2018, TaxSlayer completed 10 million state and federal e-files and issued 12 billion dollars in refunds. TaxSlayer customers will have the option to sign up for the TaxSlayer prepaid visa card during their tax filing process in 2019, which will allow for faster and easier direct deposit of their tax refund.

Green Dot is a leading provider of prepaid cards, debit cards, checking accounts, secured credit cards, payroll debit cards, consumer cash processing services, wage disbursements and tax refund processing services.

Green Dot’s “Banking as a Service” platform is used by a growing list of America’s most prominent consumer and technology companies to design and deploy their own bespoke banking solutions to their customers and partners.

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