Governor Newsom Signs SR-710 Bills, Ending the Extension, Providing Pathway for Local Cities to Reclaim Roads

Published : Monday, October 14, 2019 | 12:28 PM

Left to Right: Senator Anthony Portantino, Mayor Terry Tornek, Assemblymember Chris Holden

On October 13th, Governor Newsom signed both SB 7 by Senator Portantino and AB 29 by Assemblymember Holden into law, decidedly ending the controversial effort of the SR-710 North Gap Closure project and supporting the City of Pasadena’s ongoing efforts for relinquishment of the corridor.

Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek praised this move saying, “It is a new day in Pasadena now that the 710 freeway is history. This legislation ensures that outcome and we can now focus our attention on reknitting this area back into the fabric of the City and addressing local traffic needs. Importantly, this legislation also provides relief to Caltrans’ tenants including non-profits that provide much needed support to our community. I extend my most heartfelt thanks to Senator Portantino and Assemblymember Holden for their efforts”

With the governor’s signature, a key segment of the corridor from Alhambra Avenue in the city of Los Angeles to California Boulevard in the city of Pasadena is removed from the state Streets and Highways Code. The legislation advances Pasadena’s commitment to working with Caltrans, with the ultimate goal of relinquishing property back to the City.

Pasadena has long worked to end the SR-710 freeway extension and tunnel, strongly advocating for a local transportation solution to a regional transportation challenge. The City will continue to engage with Caltrans in developing a pathway to relinquishment and will collaborate with neighboring cities in identifying and addressing transportation needs.

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