Granville Pasadena is Here: A Bar with a View

Published : Tuesday, April 9, 2019 | 5:51 AM

Granville is here. The modern-casual new American chain opens its anticipated Pasadena location April 9, perhaps its most impressive yet.

The newest addition to Pasadena’s competitive dining scene demands a double take. Literally. If you’ve driven past the contemporary three-story building on South Lake Avenue, chances are you mistook Granville imposing two-story silhouette for new retail, but not a restaurant.

Biggest talked-about-feature: the third floor rooftop bar.

“Restaurants now, and especially Granville Pasadena, are being built to be a part of the community,” said Marc Dix, Food and Beverage Manager. Whatever food preference or schedule you’re on, Granville has you covered.

But first: let’s talk food. Granville’s menu is 65 items of approachable, affordable, and accommodating dishes. The menu is equal parts guilty pleasure, international delicacy, health-conscious alternative, and elegant fine dining.

Granville’s menu aspires to the pinnacle of what New American dining can achieve. The more time you spend with it, the more it will surprise you.

It’s classic comfort food — personified.

“You take a classic or an idea that everyone loves and then you oomph it a little bit,” said Dix.

Executive Chef Glenda Galvan-Garcia will take Mac & Cheese and add chicken, asparagus, and peas to a cheddar-gruyere cheese combo for a heartier take on the recognizable American classic.

The food menu is truly all-inclusive. All food preferences are created equally at Granville. Pasta, salads, poke bowls, steaks and salmon, burgers and sandwiches—Granville has delicious options for every slice of the 21st-century eater spectrum.

Add salmon to the Farro & Mushroom Risotto for a pescatarian take on a vegan favorite. Pair a glass of red wine with Angel Hair pasta. Oh, and gluten-free penne, please.

Perhaps what separates Granville’s newest location from virtually any other restaurant in Pasadena is the sheer scale of its operation. Each floor of the building offers a unique dining experience catered to the vibe you seek and the company you keep.

According to Dix, Granville’s first floor includes the “tree room,” perfect for a quick lunch or coffee; a bar with a communal table; and an indoor-outdoor patio. For diners in a hurry, the first floor features an order-at-the-counter service, too.

The second-floor mezzanine overlooks the bar room below and offers space for private parties and more communal seating.

And lastly, Bar Del Mar: a rooftop 90-seat hangout with a gin-focused menu.

Dix envisions Bar Del Mar to be more of a late night chill spot than a raucous party atmosphere. Daybeds and views of the San Gabriel Mountains will surely help his cause. Once you’ve finished your dinner, the third floor awaits.

As far as Granville’s bar program itself, expect a balanced mix of classic cocktails and proprietary Granville libations.

“There’s an Old Fashioned and then there’s a Gran Fashioned, and the Gran Fashioned has three different bitters, one of which we make in house,” explained Dix.

Granville offers around 30 cocktails with 16 being unique Granville creations and 12-14 being classic cocktails. The beverage program also features 30 wines by the glass and a range of craft beers to pair with your meal.

Each visit doesn’t have to be the same. Eat upstairs, eat downstairs, go for Happy Hour on the rooftop or a coffee in the morning.

Granville is located at 270 S. Lake Avenue. Visit

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