Group Is Now 5 Days into 40-Day Vigil, Demonstration Outside Pasadena Planned Parenthood

Published : Monday, March 11, 2019 | 4:44 AM

A Texas-based group demonstrating near Pasadena Planned Parenthood also sponsored an anti-abortion bus campaign stop at the same facility in 2016, show above.

Demonstrators who oppose abortion are on the fifth day of a planned 40-day vigil near the Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley offices and clinic at 1045 North Lake Avenue in Pasadena.

The local 40 Days for Life vigil reflects a national campaign staged annually since 2004 by a group headquartered in the Brazos Valley, Texas. The group says its purpose is “to show local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods.”

The vigil will be accompanied by fasting and community outreach and will continue daily up to April 14 in Pasadena.

Planned Parenthood provides sexual relationship education and reproductive care, and receives about 60,000 patient visits per year, according to the organization’s website, Among a wide range of medical consultative health care services, abortion services are performed at the clinic.

The 40 Days for Life demonstrators planned to set up a table in the grassy public easement north of the facility.

“We pray that these efforts will help mark the beginning of the end of abortion in Pasadena,” Francis Day, who is coordinating the local campaign, said. “We know 40 Days for Life has made a difference. Our volunteers have made extraordinary sacrifices to expose the abortion industry and to protect children and their mothers from abortion.”

The group said since 2015, the campaign has been held twice in Pasadena, and has attracted about 300 participants from local organizations representing churches, schools, homes, and local citizens.

At the vigil, participants are asked to sign a statement of peace, pledging to conduct themselves in a “Christian manner at all times,” the organizers said.

Since 2004, 40 Days for Life has conducted 23 previous campaigns in 816 communities, with over 750,000 committing to pray and fast, according to the group’s president, Shawn Carney.

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