Guest Letter to Community | All Saints Rev. Mike Kinman: Individuals, Families Targeted by ICE for Deportation will be Provided Sanctuary in Our Sacred Space

Published : Saturday, June 22, 2019 | 10:17 AM

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Dear Ones,

Yesterday, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore confirmed and the Los Angeles Times reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will be conducting sweeps targeting immigrants beginning Sunday in 10 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles. According to Moore, about 140 individuals are targeted in Southern California.

All Saints Church condemns these raids and the actions of President Trump which authorized them. Any individuals or families who are targeted by ICE for deportation will be provided sanctuary in our sacred space.

I make this invitation for sanctuary with the canonical authority given me as rector over the buildings of All Saints Church, with the knowledge and support of our wardens, and with full faith that the people of All Saints Church, should this come to pass, will come together to provide for anyone seeking sanctuary as part of our values of Radical Inclusion, Courageous Justice, Joyful Spirituality and Ethical Stewardship.

As I am out of town this weekend, Sally Howard is the point person on campus for anyone requesting sanctuary until I return. A protocol has been established, and a group of staff and vestry are meeting this afternoon to finalize details so we are prepared to receive anyone requesting sanctuary.

This action by our government is the worst of fear-mongering and white supremacy. Beloved, productive and irreplaceable images of God, including many from our own Pasadena and All Saints community, once again have to fear that they will have their families torn apart, perhaps forever, which causes devastating harm to them and the communities of which they are a part. It is an unconscionable use of fear to continue to divide our nation for political purposes.

As All Saints Church, we have always stood for love over fear, reconciliation over division and restoration over retribution. As such, we call on President Trump, as president of a nation largely populated by immigrants and descendants of immigrants like himself, to stand down these raids. We further call on the president instead to devote the resources of our government to caring for the most vulnerable of our citizens and providing reparative aid to the natives of this country who welcomed the immigrants from whom many of us are descended and the descendants of those who were brought to this nation against their will to build our economy.

Please continue to pray for all those who are being targeted, those who are being asked to carry out these orders, and those, including our president, who are issuing those orders. May love and justice for all prevail in our hearts, our nation, and the world.

I also urge everyone at All Saints to join me in reaching out to the Latino-Hispanic members of our church community and assure them of our love, prayers and commitment. This would be a wonderful Sunday for as many people as possible to worship at our 1 pm Spanish-language service as a show of love and solidarity.

Con el amor de Cristo,


Rev. Mike Kinman is Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church, 132 N. Euclid Avenue, Pasadena  (626) 796-1172


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