Guest Opinion | Mayor Tornek Should Remove His Name as Co-Host of Fundraiser Featuring Former Governor Pete Wilson

Published : Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | 5:01 PM

It is outrageous and indefensible that on the 25th anniversary of Prop 187, Mayor Tornek is the only elected official to list his name on the host committee for a fundraiser with someone who champions the support of a former Governor who justifies the anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies that have in many ways become the model for the Trump Administration.

Pasadena deserves a Mayor who unites the City and champions inclusion, diversity and equality, especially when over a third of its residents are Latino and many are foreign born.

Mayor Tornek’s decision to co-host a fundraiser with Pete Wilson, who led the bigoted, divisive and unconstitutional campaign for Prop 187 is an insult to so many Pasadenans.

We need a Mayor who will celebrate the rich tapestry of our City, and not someone who still embraces such an anti-immigrant figure. We call on Mr. Tornek to remove his name as co-host of the fundraiser featuring Pete Wilson.

Chiara Tellini, Pasadena Resident
Dr. Peggy Renner, Pasadena Resident
Robert M. Nelson, Pasadena Resident
Jordan Vannini, Co-President, Washington Square Neighborhood Association
Mindy Pfeiffer, Co-President, Washington Square Neighborhood Association


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