Guest Opinion | Councilmembers Masuda and Gordo, Thank You for Your Leadership on Spacebank

Published : Tuesday, April 30, 2019 | 11:49 AM

Councilmembers Masuda and Gordo:

Thank you for your continued leadership on the Spacebank issue. If the city is going to place 500 families on top of a toxic waste site, we need to ensure that the area is completely cleaned up first.

One issue that didn’t get enough play at last night’s council meeting is how will the site be dug up and remediation take place so that it protects nearby residents and businesses — as well as people who commute on the 210 freeway and thousands of drivers who pass by the area on local streets. I can’t imagine going to see your doctor at the nearby Kaiser facility and being put in jeopardy because of activities taking place next door at Spacebank.

Even though time is short, I suggest you sponsor a community forum so that Pasadena residents can ask the city’s environmental consultants questions about the proposed clean up plans and make suggestions. Hiring an environmental consultant to review the clean up plans was a great step forward. However, it can’t just be a check the box activity, and it can’t be done behind closed doors.

The majority on the council voted to approve this project on fast track – and bypass the requirement for a complete environmental review. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be as concerned about the clean up as you two – including the project’s biggest supporter Mayor Tornek. We need to continue to pressure them as well as state regulators so that this site is 100% safe before construction begins.

Again, thank you for standing up for the majority of East Pasadena residents who have concerns about this project.


Ken Perry






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