Hahamongna Advisory Committee Finds New Life Through Restructuring

In danger of being sunsetted, the Committee will continue to act as an independent entity overseeing the Hahamongna Master Plan

Published : Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | 4:37 AM

Hahamongna Watershed Advisory Park Committee Vice Chair Treasure Sheppard, Chair Cynthia Clark-Schnuelle and Committee Member Eileen Williamson at the July 30, 2019 meeting during which the Committee voted unanimously to continue to operate.

Threatened with extinction, the City’s Hahamongna Watershed Advisory Park Committee will be restructured, and continue to meet and report to the City Council as a separate entity, thanks to a unanimous vote by the Council Monday.

In a friendly amendment to the motion, the Committee was designated to serve as a direct conduit to the L.A. County Public Works Department with regard to the ongoing “Big Dig” sediment removal project in the Devil’s Gate area.

Earlier, following a July 30 meeting of the committee, Chair Cynthia Clark-Schnuelle sent a letter to the Council on August 22, asking that the committee not be sunseted, but restructured. She noted that, as members of the Committee are also members of the City’s Recreation and Parks Commission, it has been “difficult to achieve a needed quorum,” and that meetings were being canceled as a result.

The Committee was formed in 2002, Currently oversees more than 200 projects in the entire Hahamongna Watershed area, including 46 uncompleted projects in the Hahamongna Watershed Park Master Plan, and 31 uncompleted projects in Master Plan Addendum.

Rosa Laveaga of the Parks & Natural Resources Division of Public Works said the Committee also reviews revenue and financing proposals to fund the ongoing operations and maintenance of the Hahamongna Watershed and helps develop public outreach plans for community involvement.

In addition, Schnuelle wrote that the Committee is the “vehicle for information on the Arroyo Seco.”

The Committee had been made up of nine members of the Recreation & Parks Commission, two members of the Northwest Commission, and two members of the Environmental Advisory Commission.

The new Committee structure will consist of five members from the Recreation & Parks Commission, a volunteer from the Environmental Advisory Commission, a volunteer designated from the Northwest Commission, along with two at-large members of the community.

New members would be approved by the full City Council.


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