Head to Old Pasadena: BoldPas Happens Today

Saturday, August 12, 2017, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Published : Saturday, August 12, 2017 | 5:10 AM

BoldPas, a free, one-day intersection of design, architecture, art, history, and public space featuring one dozen site-specific installations, is happening today in Old Pasadena.

The area’s historic, pedestrian alleyways become the canvas for a day of art and play during this inaugural BoldPas: An Art Takeover of Old Pasadena.

Selected Los Angeles-area artists will feature their works in this bold-themed event, displaying bright colors, surprising scale, and playfulness; many encourage direct interaction with viewers. The artists, both established and up-and-coming, are from multidisciplinary backgrounds and professions including architecture, art and design, history and urban planning.

The organizers say the free event will highlight the character of the unique urban and historic public spaces of Old Pasadena’s 22-block district.

“We wanted an event that highlighted all the wonderful alleys, walkways, and the architecture and the historic authenticity of Old Pasadena,” says Janet Swartz, Director of Marketing Events at Old Pasadena Management District (OPMD). “We really wanted to bring art out to the public, playing with the idea of something temporary and ephemeral and using very common everyday materials used in surprising ways, playing with color, playing with scale, playing with interactivity so that people would come out.”

The OPMD is the non-profit business organization that creatively plans, manages and develops Old Pasadena as a unique, authentic and vibrant downtown experience.
Visitors to BoldPas can spend the day walking the district and encountering artistic, ephemeral interventions at every turn. The OPMD has selected 12 temporary art installations that will be seen today in the historic alleyways of Old Pasadena. Also, renowned LA-based muralist/painter Andred Hem will be conducting a live painting session on Mercantile Place throughout the day in preparation for an upcoming exhibition.

“We initially thought we would do six installations throughout the alleys and we were so pleased with the turnout that we ended up basically doubling what we had expected,” Swartz said. “So we will have 12 medium to large-scale installations throughout the alleys and those are the places where there will be a lot of fun for people to visit for photographs and to meet the artists. Several other pieces are interactive so the public can engage directly with the art piece.”

Flower Pepper Gallery will be featuring pop-up canvasses featuring various artists, and Lyd and Mo Photography will be hosting a Tissue Paper Flower Wall as background for taking fun photos.

More than two dozen participating stores and restaurants in the District will be hosting Creative Art Stops as a perfect backdrop for selfies and one-of-a-kind photo ops.

BoldPas organizers also partnered with Pasadena Walking Tours which will conduct two walking tours of Old Pasadena today, one at 1:30 p.m. and another at 5 p.m. The tours will highlight both the temporary installations and Old Pasadena’s permanent public art, and will offer a chance to meet the onsite artists.

Veteran walking tour guide and Pasadena native Julia Long will be leading the walking tours.

“BoldPas is going to be such an exciting day for Pasadena and I’m going to be leading two walking tours through the entire area of Old Pasadena,” Long said. “We’re focusing on not just the permanent art pieces in the alleyways and the secret hidden passageways of Old Pasadena, but also all of these temporary art pieces that are going to be going in. For one day only, it’s going to be an incredibly beautiful and exciting day for Pasadena.”

Sarah Hilbert, OPMD’s marketing and events coordinator, says the tours will not only be interesting to art lovers but to history buffs as well. The displays will also be child-friendly, she says.

“Kids are more than welcome. I think, as long as they feel like they can walk a little bit,” Hilbert said. “The beauty of this event is you can take in two installations if you wanted to and that’s fine; hopefully the kids will find some fun things with them in the interactive pieces.”

For anyone who’d like to do a self-guided tour during BoldPas, event maps will be available on-site as well as from the OPMD website.

“We will have three information booths at three critical points throughout the event, and folks can come and grab a map,” Hilbert said. “We’ve also got one online so that will help direct people to the alleyways where we will have the art.”

The art installations were derived from a six-week submission process where OPMD contacted artists through arts organizations and other channels. The City of Pasadena also helped with the permitting process so local businesses could actively take part.

For more information including lists of the art installations and artist bios, visit www.oldpasadena.org/boldpas.






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