Here's Some of What You Missed at Councilmember Hampton's District 1 Block Party

Published : Friday, August 24, 2018 | 5:19 AM

An estimated 600 residents and community members from around Pasadena turned out for City Councilmember Tyron Hampton’s annual First District Community Meeting and Pancake Breakfast Block Party Saturday, August 18.

The event included a high-profile education program about the threat of mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry into Pasadena.

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (SGVMVCD), which Pasadena recently joined, brought in an inflatable mosquito to drive home the point that locals need to know more about ways to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

The District is particularly concerned with the Aedes albopictus mosquito, commonly called the Asian tiger mosquito, which is known to infect humans with viruses such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya. The specie was recently found in traps placed by the District throughout Pasadena.

Saturday’s block party at the Brookside Golf Club South Patio was the first time Dez Eez landed in Pasadena.

“This year’s event went well,” Councilmember Hampton said. “Every year is a fantastic time to get up with all the neighbors, get to talk to them, hear about the issues, hear about what great things are going on in the neighborhood. We had the mayor there, he spoke; we had the police chief and our fire chief came and spoke. We had representatives from the school district.”

Levy Sun, the SGVMVCD’s Public Information Officer, said over 200 people came to the Dez Eez booth and were given reading materials and other learning tools about mosquitoes and disease prevention.

“We were very impressed by the showing of support from District 1 neighbors at this event. I believe three things can bring a community together: food, music and our dislike for mosquitoes. This event had it all, and much more,” Sun said. “Like any other public health agencies, SGVMVCD cannot do this alone. Mosquito control is a shared responsibility.”

The SGVMVCD has other community presentations, usually during City district meetings. District staff were also at a recent block party by Assemblymember Chris Holden.

“We look forward to future events in the city and we invite other districts and organizations to help us spread the word,” Sun continued. “The more people know about the dangers of mosquitoes in their neighborhood, the more we can do to stay ‘bite-free.’”

The First District community meeting also had representatives from other City departments as it did during similar events during the past few years. They were there primarily to discuss what resources are available for City residents, and what they can do to make sure these resources are used or delivered. Hampton started the tradition as a venue for District 1 residents and neighbors to learn more about positive developments in the District.

“We had (Pasadena) Water and Power talk about different things, and I gave an update about a few buildings, including the liquor box in my district, and it looks like we have a project there that would turn into an opportunity for low-income housing and home ownership options,” Hampton said.

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