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1:15 pm | October 13, 2016

Cooking a nutritious meal after a long day at the office isn’t on the top of most people’s to-do lists. Instead of filling your plate with unhealthy take-out options or expensive, prepared meals, take the stress out of meal prep with Dream Dinners.

“I’ve been living the Dream Dinners lifestyle for eleven years,” said Stephanie Irey of Dream Dinners Pasadena. “It saves people a lot of time and is very convenient.”

This unique meal-prep and cooking concept streamlines menu planning, shopping, prep-work and clean-up by moving the meal assembly process out of people’s kitchens and into Dream Dinners’ specially equipped stores. During your first visit, staff will guide you through your recipes and ensure that your dinners are chef-quality.

“You control exactly which ingredients go into your meals and know that you’re getting fresh food,” she said.

Choose your meals from a rotating menu of over seventeen different recipes each month and schedule your appointment online. In just about an hour you can prep a month of meals at a Dream Dinners kitchen. Irey adds, that you can adjust the amount of seasoning in your dishes and that the Pasadena store even has a soy meat substitute for vegetarians.

Simply thaw and cook the meals you have assembled throughout the month – spend more time enjoying dinner with your loved ones instead of shopping, prepping and cooking. Irey adds that Dream Dinners has given her family an opportunity to share dinner together and reconnect after their busy days and has had similar feedback from her customers.

In addition to helping families reconnect, Dream Dinners also gets involved in the community by hosting fundraisers for local schools and charities. Instead of ordering food from a restaurant, families come in and make their meals while benefitting community organizations.

“Giving back is part of being a good community member,” said Irey.

Dream Dinners has been in Pasadena for 11 years and is located at 1274 East Colorado Boulevard. Call (626) 796-7863 or visit http://dreamdinners.com/ for more details.