Homeless Connect Day at Pasadena Tabernacle Corps a 'Jovial' Event that Brought Volunteers Together with Those in Need

Published : Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | 8:13 PM

A leader of the local Salvation Army said the organization enjoyed great success with its annual Homeless Connect Day at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps on Tuesday.

The event provided health and wellness services to those in need — all under one roof on the same day.

“It was a very good turnout of service providers,” said Capt. Terry Masango said. “There were also 100 young people from Azusa Pacific helping provide help to homeless people. Also the people receiving the services were grateful.”

Masango said the people in attendance received flu shots and wellness and grooming services.

In addition to flu shots, there is a range of services offered on Homeless Connect Day, including hearing tests, free haircuts and legal advice and pet therapy.

The DMV and Social Security office take part.

“And the Pasadena Fire Department cooked great food,” Capt. Masango said. “The people were all lighthearted and jovial.”

Masango said The Salvation Army’s mission is “soup, soap and salvation.”

He said the organization exists to serve people without discrimination.

The reason the Salvation Army offers the day is to help the people who are forced to live on the street, or who are having trouble maintaining stability.

“We hate to see families become homeless,” he said. “Our mission is to help.”

For more information visit https://pasadena.salvationarmy.org/pasadena_tabernacle_corps/






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