Hotels Project for Colorado Boulevard Near PCC Moves Ahead With Conditional Use Permit Hearing Officer

Published : Tuesday, September 3, 2019 | 6:14 AM

Wednesday's hearing will only address the building closest to the bottom of the above image.

The City of Pasadena’s Hearing Officer will conduct a hearing Wednesday on an application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that would allow the construction of a 150-room hotel at 1336 E. Colorado Blvd., on the south parcel of a planned development project that would put one new hotel on each side of the boulevard in the block west of Hill Avenue.

The project, on the sites of the former Robert H. Loud Ford dealership and one of its sales lot, is designated as PD-35, also known as the Colorado Hill Development Project.

The north parcel, a 2.7-acre plot on the northeast corner of E. Colorado Blvd. and N. Hill Avenue, is to be the site of a hotel up to seven stories high, with as many as 375 rooms and ground-floor commercial units spread over 350,000 square feet.

The planned hotel on the south parcel will have five floors, according to plan, with retail and service space on the ground floor and would occupy a building consisting of 87,649 square feet, the maximum floor area allowed.

On the ground floor, the applicant proposes to devote 2,902 square feet to a retail sales use, 1,913 square feet to a restaurant use, 590 square feet to a personal service use, and 2,384 square feet to a common lobby, a total of 7,789 square feet for these pedestrian-oriented uses.

The project site is located at the southeast corner of the Colorado Boulevard and Holliston Avenue intersection. The abutting property to the east is currently home to a gas station. To the south across Giddings Alley is a surface parking lot and the Pasadena Public Library Hill Avenue branch.

To the west across Holliston Avenue is a McDonald’s restaurant. A mixed-use structure is located southwest of the site approximately 100 feet away.

To the north across Colorado Boulevard is a religious facility, the F. Suie One Antiques Store building, which also includes private offices and residences, and the PD-35 north parcel.

The plan for the south parcel hotel includes a centrally located exterior courtyard and a swimming pool.

The Planning and Community Development Department said it is recommending approval of the CUP application, with the condition that the applicant clarifies that hotel-serving hallways, restrooms, entrances, and hotel reception/check-in areas do not qualify towards the retail sales and services requirement.

Planning Department staff would verify compliance with the minimum retail sales and services requirement during the Building Permit plan check process and before any building permit is issued.

The Hearing Officer has scheduled the public hearing on this and other projects at 6 p.m. Wednesday, at the Permit Center Hearing Room, at 175 North Garfield Avenue.

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