Hundreds Remember Philanthropist Jaylene Moseley

Flintridge Center President remembered with laughter and tears

Published : Monday, June 10, 2019 | 5:16 AM

[Updated] As the Celebration of Life ceremony for the Flintridge Center’s Jaylene Moseley wound to a close Saturday afternoon, officiate Daniel Torres, who is the Center’s interim director, stood at the podium in the Rose Bowl’s west locker room gazing around the packed room. He realized that there would simply not be enough time to allow members of the community to speak their remembrances of the beloved Moseley, who passed away May 25, one day short of her 70th birthday.

So Torres simply asked the audience—which ranged from elected officials to former gang members—to stand and turn to their neighbors, and relate a story or two about Jaylene. Instantly, the room came alive with animated conversation, stories and laughter. Friends talked to friends, and neighbors to neighbors, and strangers to strangers.

As many of the afternoon’s speakers had noted, it was the kind of unifying moment Jaylene would have loved, as she spent much of her early years at Flintridge Center bringing together a wide range of non-profit groups to a common cause.

‘She transformed people,” said Councilmember Victor Gordo earlier, “and she did it with such class and humility.”

Mayor Terry Tornek also spoke to Moseley’s impact, remarking that what sets Pasadena apart as a community are the non-profit organizations, and the spirit of volunteerism, altruism and philanthropy that runs through the city.

“There is no organization or individual that better exemplifies that spirit of giving and philanthropy than the Flintridge Center and Jaylene Moseley,” said Tornek, encapsulating her contributions.

“Those who recognize that example,” he added, “will take heart, and not be dispirited by her loss.”

Councilmember John Kennedy choked back tears as he struggled to speak of his longtime friend and their longtime friendship.

“If you knew her,” he said, “You knew that she was compassionate, loving, caring, and always thinking about others, and that’s why for some of us, the loss was so great.”

Jaylene’s husband, Alex, also spoke to the group. For many in the audience, it was the first time they had ever seen him, a fact he noted with good humor.

“She brought so many people together in so many ways,” he said. “She could cause things to happen, because she was a point of respect, she was a point of neutrality. It was quite remarkable.

“Jaylene’s breaking a lot of hearts,” Alex added. ‘For 40 years, we were the luckiest people on the planet. That can never be taken away.”

In lieu of flowers or cards, the Moseley family asks that individuals consider a donation in Moseley’s memory to support the work of Flintridge Center. Click here for more.