Huntington Memorial Hospital Stroke Survivors Tee-Up for Golf Rehab

Huntington Memorial Hospital\'s Candy Corral, RN, presented participant Wanda Walton with the American Heart Association\'s Stroke Hero Award.John Takemura, MPT, looks on as participant Brent Benn practices his golf swing.Members of the Huntington Memorial Hospital stroke center team attending the event included:  Top row, left to right- Richard Jimenez, RN, Danny Jimenez, RN, Candy Corral, RN, Krystal Valdez, RN                  Bottom row, left to right- Janet Mayeda, PT, Renee Mendes, RN, Jennifer Cena, RN, Nicole Yu, RN, Solange Burke, RN, Patty McCafferty RN.


11:13 am | May 12, 2015

Local stroke survivors enjoyed a morning of golf instruction at Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena. The event, sponsored by Huntington Memorial Hospital, was part of “Saving Strokes,” a rehabilitation-through-golf program of the American Heart/American Stroke Association, offering stroke survivors the opportunity to add golf as a mental, physical and emotional rehabilitation tool in their journey to recovery.

Participants spent the morning working with golf pros and later enjoyed a luncheon with fellow survivors, physical therapists, and other members of the Huntington Hospital stroke center team.

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