Iconic Stats, Which Saddened Pasadenans When It said It Was Closing, Is Back from the Brink and Has Relaunched

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4:30 pm | October 10, 2016

In a story that’s as heartwarming as the best Christmas story, Pasadena’s beloved Stats holiday store has inched back away from closing, staged a comeback and now relaunched in time for the holidays.

The iconic five-decades old family business liquidated its inventory earlier this year, and prepared to say its goodbyes. But the community wouldn’t have that. The love — and money — that poured in uprighted Stats and the management has purchased new inventory and reopened on October 1, according to Damon Stathatos, the store’s owner.

“We credit the community for being so behind us,” Stathatos said. “We received such a tremendous outpouring of people that were so affected that we were going to close, that we did everything we could to buy new merchandise after liquidating.”

Stathatos said the store’s return reduced the size of Stats by about two-thirds, and so far, the customers are liking it. Furthermore, he said everything in the store is brand new and suited for both formal and more casual holidays.

“We cleared out 50 years’ of old inventory, so now this year, it’s all brand new,” Stathatos said.

The new ranges are across every budget, but Stathatos points out he has “concentrated on some very nice upscale items.”

Steve Mulheim, the President and CEO of the Old Pasadena Management District, said that Old Pasadena is thrilled to see Stats thrive.

“They’ve been here for many, many years and the fact that they also have a successful base is very exciting and we’re happy to have them in the district,” he said. “They make great partners and they’re a great resource in the area.”

Mulheim went on to say, “as far as business in Old Pasadena, it’s quite strong, our sales are higher than they’ve ever been, which we’re very excited about.”

According to Stathatos, the main reason for the reopening was the tidal wave of customer support he received after he announced the liquidation. He went on to say that the store will remain open for at least the fourth quarter of 2016 to provide year-end holiday merchandise.

“We’re the Disneyland of Christmas. We have crystal pieces, beautiful ceramic dishes and plates from Turkey [that] all blend with Christmas” Stathatos said. “Whatever we did, we did it in the Christmas colors, and we have some unbelievable new Halloween and Fall merchandise.”

Stathatos said the store will have a storewide 20 percent off discount event during the first week of November, something they do every year.

“We’re in full swing for sure,” Stathatos said.

Stats is located at 120 South Raymond Avenue in Old Pasadenas near Central Park.