Imagining the Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, at Caltech Tonight

Published : Thursday, October 17, 2019 | 4:41 AM

Artificial intelligence promises to streamline many industries and will play a big role in healthcare and bioscience research, two areas where Pasadena organizations are at the forefront nationwide.

AI + Healthcare is the subject of the Life Summit Panel at Caltech Thursday night, where some of the smartest minds in the industry will gather and discuss the possibilities of AI in the science fields. Nonprofit AI LA Community hosts the event.

AI promises to play an important role to eliminate repetitive tasks, creating more precision with researching and analyzing data and generally freeing up smart minds to perform more critical tasks.

“Pasadena is soon to be a powerful healthcare and biotech hub,” said Todd Terrazas, executive director of AI LA Community. “With Huntington Memorial and Kaiser Permanente opening up their new school, and Alexandria Venture putting a large amount of money and resources into Pasadena, Life Summit 2019 is the first summit which promotes Pasadena as a place for innovation in the life sciences.”

The panelists and ArtCenter researchers and data engineers, and designers from Caltech discuss the challenges that may be overcome with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The discussion will include the impact on therapeutics, diagnostics, information systems, and digital health.

In the healthcare and bioscience realms, AI can create a range of efficiencies from finding new drugs to help prevent worker burnout.

“There’s a huge issue with position burnout,” Terrazas said. “There’s physician burnout for one, as doctors have to document everything from a patient. AI has an opportunity to do a lot of those tasks for them.

It’s part of the inaugural Life Summit part of Connect Week.

AI LA Life Summit 2019 is the only event during Connect Week where large health systems will for the first time collaborate together to discuss internal challenges.

Terrazas is an artificial intelligence evangelist and ecosystem builder, promoting how frontier technologies can be used ethically for social good.

Born and raised in Pasadena, Terrazas is actually a third-generation Angeleno. Though he studied the cinematic arts at USC, his business interests drifted towards creating events that engage and enlighten. Life Summit is his life’s work.

‘The panel will be experimental,” he said. “It’s like improv jazz. We don’t know what the song is yet, but we’re putting the right musicians in the room in the hopes of making something beautiful.”

Speakers are physicist and cancer researcher Dr. Dan Ruderman, director of Analytics and Machine Learning at the Ellison Institute of USC; Dr. Maribeth Raines, biochemist and president of MBBB Solutions of Seattle; Dr. Yisong Yue, assistant professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech and Patrick Lilley, CEO of Liquid Biosciences and the moderator is Keri Kukral of Raw Science TV and Film Festival.

Terrazas works in conjunction with Innovate Pasadena, which is one of the hosts of Connect Week. Connect Week offers the opportunity to bring together like-minded people. He said one of the good things is that Connect Week also brings in people who don’t normally attend the regular tech-based events.
“Innovating is hard,” Terrazas said. “It usually takes an outsider looking in to see what everybody has seen, and think what nobody has thought. That’s how discoveries are made.”
The AI + Healthcare Life Summit starts at 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. in Caltech’s Ramo Auditorium, 1200 East California Blvd. For more visit

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