In the Pasadena Courthouse This Week

Published : Monday, October 22, 2018 | 4:35 AM

This week, four high-profile Pasadena criminal cases will move forward in Pasadena Courthouse of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Here’s an update and profile of each of these cases.


Jury Selection Resumes for Danny R. Wooten, Tyrone Collins, October 22

Danny R. Wooten, 55, Tyrone Collins, 59, and Melody Jenkins, 50, are charged in a 60-count felony complaint for arrest warrant, with allegations of embezzlement, conflict of interest and grand theft with excessive taking, in connection with an embezzlement scandal where the three are suspected of stealing more than $6 million from the city over the past 10 years.

Wooten was a management analyst in the Pasadena Department of Public Works. The DA’s office said Wooten created false invoices for the City’s underground utility program and stole $6.4 million. Prosecutors said Wooten directed more than $2 million of the money to Collins, owner of Collins Electric, and gave more than $40,000 to Jenkins, who was a temporary City employee.

If convicted, Wooten, who is being held on $1.75 million bail, faces up to 28 years in state prison. Collins and Jenkins face up to 18 and four years in state prison, respectively.

Deputy District Attorney Bjorn Dodd is prosecuting.


Preliminary Hearing Setting for Anthony Joseph Miller, October 24

Anthony Joseph Miller, 52, a Pasadena resident, is charged with sexually assaulting five women between 2011 and this year. He faces five counts of forcible rape, two counts each of forcible oral copulation, sodomy by use of force and dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and one count each of sexual battery by restraint and false imprisonment by violence. The case was filed for warrant on September 26.

Prosecutors said the defendant sexually assaulted one woman in 2011 and the remaining four victims in August and September of this year.

Miller pleaded not guilty to the charges on October 1.

If convicted as charged, Miller faces more than 270 years to life in state prison. Bail is set at more than $10 million.


Sentencing for Jose Gabriel Diaz Servellon, October 24

Jose Gabriel Diaz Servellon, 30, is facing charges of kidnapping, assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, and criminal threats for allegedly grabbing a woman and trying to put her in his pickup truck on July 29, 2017.

The victim, then 19, was walking near Maple Street and Fair Oaks Avenue when the defendant allegedly pulled over in front of her and waited for her to pass him by, prosecutors said. When the woman passed by, Diaz Servellon allegedly grabbed the woman and dragged her on the ground toward his truck while threatening her life.

The defendant allegedly released the woman and fled the scene when a Good Samaritan driving by saw what was happening and pulled over.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges in August.

Diaz Servellon is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail; he faces up to nine years in state prison if convicted.

Deputy District Attorney Melanie Drew is prosecuting.


Pretrial/Motion for Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, October 25

Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, 45, who has become known as the “dine-and-dash diner” was charged with seven counts of extortion, two counts of attempted extortion and one count of grand theft, all felonies, according to the criminal complaint filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. He was also charged with two misdemeanor counts each of defrauding an innkeeper and petty theft.

On September 19, Judge Darrell Mavis of the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed 10 felony charges against Gonzales. He ordered that Gonzales be tried for petty theft and defrauding an innkeeper, but threw out eight felony counts of extortion and two felony counts of attempted extortion involving 10 women.

Mavis also reduced Gonzales’ bail from $315,000 to $100,000. Prosecutors are expected Monday to ask another judge to consider reinstating the felony charges.

Gonzales was accused of taking financial advantage of women he met mostly through dating apps and websites between May 2016 and April 2018. He allegedly went to dinner with them at restaurants in Pasadena, Long Beach, Burbank and Los Angeles, where he ordered and consumed food and drinks, then allegedly left without paying any of the bill.

Gonzales allegedly defrauded a total of more than $950 from the women, according to the complaint. He was arrested on August 25 and bail was set at $315,000.

On August 27, he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Fern of the Cyber Crime Division is prosecuting.


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