Incoming Chamber Chair Likes Pasadena Big and Small

Published : Wednesday, June 26, 2019 | 4:40 AM

Justin Tsui

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce is honoring incoming board of directors Chair Justin Tsui, and the other incoming officers over which he will preside in meetings, with an evening soiree June 28 at the Langham Huntington Hotel.

Tsui (pronounced “Chuy), is founder and chief executive officer of Pasadena-based Team Logic, which helps companies manage their information technology systems.

He arrived in Southern California from Chicago in 1992. Tsui has lived in Pasadena for 10 years. He’ll be relieving Karl Bird from Jet Propulsion Laboratory as Chamber board chair. His term in the post is one year in length.

Hailing from a Chicago suburb, Tsui says he favors the scale of Pasadena.

“It’s not a big place to do business like metropolitan Los Angeles,” he told Pasadena Now. “I like this certain small community feel in Pasadena. It’s a good combination of big and small.”

He singled out JPL, Caltech and Kaiser Permanente as big boys on the Pasadena block whose presence represents something of an unalloyed benefit to the local, small business community.

“The great thing about it is that those large businesses are very involved and willing to help out local communities,” said Tsui. “And they are all members that are actively involved with the Chamber.”

There is a symbiosis between the two classes of business that Tsui believes benefits the smaller concerns.

“The larger businesses are involved with the community and they actively try to help small businesses that have a much better chance of succeeding because of that collaboration,” he explained.

One of the Chamber’s most important roles, as Tsui sees it, is to facilitate that interaction.

“For example, we host these small research events every year, where a lot of small businesses get a chance to talk with procurement at the larger businesses and ask, ‘How how can we do business with you?’”

Small business proprietors, he reasoned, typically don’t know how to do business with the City, or JPL, “but with large organizations actively engaging the Chamber’s work with smaller businesses we can help make sure the larger business knows they have a product or service that can help it.”

Among the challenges identified for action by the Chamber is keeping Pasadena businesses staffed with competent, educated employees.

“We also focus on workforce development,” Tsui explained. “A lot of our board members are concerned and we want to know what kind of help Pasadena City College or Pasadena Unified School District need to help connect their students with local businesses and launch successful careers.”

The Chamber had been working with Pasadena Unified in securing internships and training for students, but public funding for the program was halted.

“So I’m not sure how the high schools do their job placement and that kind of stuff, but that’s something to look at,” said Tsui who noted that, at a professional level, he’s taken on an intern at Team Logic for the summer.

“I know some law offices that have internships and the students all have really good experiences with them,” he added.

Tsui and company’s investiture will commence with a cocktail reception and silent auction at 6:00 p.m., followed by dinner at 7:30 pm. Contact Leanne at the Chamber office, (626) 795-33555, or via email at


Langham Huntington Hotel 1401 South Oak Knoll Ave.

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