It’s a Stitch!

Published: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | 2:54 PM

Ellen’s Silkscreening has been supplying t-shirts, hats, and promotional materials to Pasadena businesses and non-profits for 30 years. Owner Ellen Daigle has built the business up by providing quality product and quality customer service.

Daigle worked out of her garage for the first six years before she made the move to her first location at 816 Mound St. in South Pasadena. As her business grew steadily, Daigle’s big break came during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. That contract, along with the boom in the T-shirt industry, helped propel the company forward.


In 1998, as the company was growing out of its small office at 816 Mound St., the need for more office and production space forced the store to move. The move to the adjacent space at 1506 Mission St. lasted for a few years until the move to the new space at 1500 Mission St. Daigle credits her success from hard work and the commitment and dedication of her entire staff. Daigle’s mission is to keep her customers satisfied with the best customer service and quality product.

Daigle has not forgotten the importance of her staff as the company has expanded throughout the years. “Our staff is like a family and we take pride in the work we do,” said Daigle. “No matter how much the company grows, we never want to let our customers leave unsatisfied.”

Daigle is quick to point out that she takes care of her employees. The work areas are well ventilated and safe, and she pays a living wage. Her commitment to her staff shows. The newest member of the team has been there for over three years, and some have worked for her for over two decades.


Ellen’s Silkscreening does all the embroidery and silkscreening on the premises. The machines are impressive, and embroider several pieces at the same time. There are designers on staff who can help companies create their brand. For more information about Ellen’s Silkscreening or the service, call or go online.
Ellen’s Silkscreening, 1500 Mission St., South Pasadena, (626) 441-4415,