Jericho Road Pasadena Honors Volunteers of the Year

Jericho Road Pasadena Open House Board Chair Roger Patterson, Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek, Executive Director Melanie Goodyear 2018-10-28Jericho Road Pasadena Open House Corinne Grant, Gladys Gundrum, Lynn Miyamoto 2018-10-28Jericho Road Pasadena Open House Ed Robles, Glyssa Robles, Scott Feldmann, Matthew Marquez 2018-10-18Jericho Road Pasadena Open House Jane Garner, Board Member Bob Harrison, Betsy Blue, Founder John BlueJericho Road Pasadena Open House Janet Beggs, Sarah Emery Bunn, Camille Levee, Beth Mael 2018-10-28Jericho Road Pasadena Open House Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek with honoroees Robin McCarthy, Ava Moeller, Chris Arnold 2018-10-28Jericho Road Pasadena Open House Silvera Grant, Ava Moeller 2018-10-28


11:29 am | October 31, 2018

Jericho Road Pasadena hosted a special volunteer recognition event recently at the Pasadena Western Justice Complex. Jericho Road board members, along with 60 community guests, gathered under the beautiful oaks as Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek handed out appreciation certificates to three of Jericho Road’s volunteers who have contributed the most volunteer hours in the past year.

Film producer Chris Arnold was recognized for the hours spent creating promotional videos for local non-profits Pasadena Educational Foundation and AbilityFirst. The Pasadena Senior Center gained integral help rebranding their rental space ‘Scott Pavilion on Raymond’ with Ava Moeller’s skills in graphic design, while multi-talented Robin McCarthy received her appreciation certificate for providing board development and marketing skills to Planit Now and Stars (formerly Lake Avenue Community Foundation).

Jericho Road Pasadena bridges communities by matching the professional talents of volunteers with the needs of community-based nonprofit organizations to promote community development, strengthen social services, and enrich the lives of volunteers. Since opening in 2010, JRP volunteers have provided over 14,000 hours of volunteer time, worth over $1,250,000, in free services for the nonprofits served.