July 4th Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hit Near Searles Valley felt in Pasadena and Southern California

Published : Thursday, July 4, 2019 | 10:58 AM

From the Earthquake Tracker Website

[Updated] A magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit 11 kilometers from Searles Valley, California today and was felt in Pasadena.

There has been no damage reported in Pasadena according to a city official.

Unless you are suffering from an emergency please do not call 911 and jam phone lines, officials ask.

The Rose Bowl will be safety checked before tonight’s AmericaFest.

The Pasadena Fire Department Tweeted:

The City is monitoring any potential incidents as a result of this morning’s earthquake. No damage has been reported in Pasadena thus far.

They also reminded residents:

Today’s earthquake is a good reminder to always be prepared and know how to react to any emergency. For more safety tips, visit @fema https://www.fema.gov/earthquake-safety-home

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