KFC Brings Its Finger Licking Good Chicken and Waffles Back to Pasadena, Starting Saturday, March 23

Published : Friday, March 22, 2019 | 4:43 AM

Kentucky Fried Chicken, which has three stores in Pasadena and one in South Pasadena, is bringing back its Chicken and Waffles brand beginning Saturday, March 23, for at least a month or until supplies last, the popular chicken restaurant chain announced Thursday.

The fast food giant is bringing Chicken and Waffles back “due to overwhelming demand.” It’s also bringing back the “Dirty Dancing” commercial, featuring two brand icons – Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth – which KFC used to launch Chicken and Waffles in November.

KFC will start serving Chicken and Waffles on Saturday, March 23, and keep on cooking them up through April 29, according to a company statement. The items were off the menu for about three months.

“We expected people would love Kentucky Fried Chicken and Waffles when we launched it in 2018,” Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. chief marketing officer, said. “But we underestimated how much love there would be, so we’re bringing it back just four months later. Too soon? Not a minute.”

The waffles used for Chicken and Waffles are specially formulated to perfectly pair with KFC’s Extra Crispy fried chicken, and feature pearl sugar imported from Belgium, which adds to the golden-brown color and sweet and crunchy outer texture. KFC went through at least 15 different variations of waffles before landing on the perfect one, the announcement said.

Chicken and Waffles comes in a basket meal option, available as one-piece breast, two-piece thigh and drum or three-piece tenders with a delectable waffle, which sells for $5.49. The sandwich option features a KFC breast fillet nestled between two waffles, for $5.99. Both options are served with Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.

For the hungriest chicken and waffles enthusiasts, Big Basket meals include two waffles and two syrups, with a choice of two-piece white meat, three-piece dark meat or four-piece tenders for just $7.99. Prices may vary by participating restaurants, KFC said.

KFC has stores at 2050 Fair Oaks Blvd., 820 North Lake Avenue, and 2896 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, and 1318 Huntington Drive in South Pasadena.

For more information, visit www.kfc.com.

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