Kidspace Children’s Museum Gets Full House Attendance at Arroyo Seco Weekend ‘Family Jam’

Arroyo Seco Weekend ‘Family Jam’ Arroyo Seco Weekend ‘Family Jam’ Arroyo Seco Weekend ‘Family Jam’ Arroyo Seco Weekend ‘Family Jam’ Arroyo Seco Weekend ‘Family Jam’


5:31 am | June 27, 2017

The family-friendly feel of the Arroyo Seco Weekend was nowhere more evident than at the “Family Jam” managed by Kidspace Children’s Museum during last weekend’s premiere of the two-day festival.

“We were told we could expect an estimate of about 500 people per day, and we ended up getting about 1,500,” Michael Shanklin, Kidspace Chief Executive Officer, said Monday.

According to Shanklin, festival producer Goldenvoice, which also produces the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach Country Music Festival, managed the festival well.

“I think Goldenvoice went above and beyond our expectations,” Michael Shanklin, Kidspace Chief Executive Officer, said as he assessed the outcome. “We worked quite a bit with Paul Tollett (Goldenvoice President and CEO) since our very first meeting, and everyone from Paul to the people who were delivering cold water the weekend of the event, I just think Goldenvoice did a fabulous job, and I was very proud to partner with him. Nick Adler, the main producer of the event, took the time to not only meet with Kidspace but also met with the neighbors so they could voice the concerns that we both had. ”

Shanklin also thanked Adler for bringing his whole family with him to the Kidspace tent to show the festival was truly a family event.

Children 10 and under were admitted to the festival for free as long as they were accompanied by their parents or guardians.

“We prepared for a couple of thousand just to be ready, but we didn’t really have a good idea of what to expect,” Shanklin continued. “What we saw was a lot of parents coming in and spending a little bit of time, and then they’d go and watch the concert, and then come back, and so that was nice for the parents and kids.”

One of Kidspace’s most popular activities was the musical instrument making area, where kids made their own shakers, drums and percussion instruments, and the star of day – the guitar-making.

Shanklin said one of the signature images of the festival became kids carrying “super-cute” cardboard guitars made from simple materials strapped around them as they went around the festival area.

Shanklin also told of an enterprising boy, about 8 years old, who learned to make concert buttons at the Kidspace Jam area, and in no time became popular with concert-goers.

“He was coming in, he made buttons, and at no time, he was selling them for fifty cents! It was so funny,” Shanklin said. When Shanklin saw him the next time, the young man still had six buttons in his pocket and offered the CEO one of them.

Kidspace also manned a Little Jammers 3-and-under Activation Area where the little ones just crawled around and relaxed, two photo booths, one with a standup cello as prop, and the other a rock scene with a junior drum kit and prop electric guitars.

“We took the photographs and emailed them to themselves, co-branded between Arroyo Seco Weekend and Kidspace,” Shanklin said. “We also had another area, an instrument petting zoo and that had a table harp, a bass guitar, a banjo, and probably the star of the day, a clarinet. That was very popular particularly with the adults.”

Finally, the Kidspace Jam area also conducted an interactive drum circle every hour with Rothschild Drums Tutors as a partner.

“Overall, it was a huge success,” Shanklin said. “The good news for us is that many of the people, if not most of the people who were coming in, were from areas outside of Pasadena who may have only heard about the museum, and it was a good opportunity to be able to share a Pasadena treasure with greater Los Angeles.”