Kitchen United Has Hired Taco Bell Executive Meredith Sandland as Chief Operating Officer

Published : Thursday, March 22, 2018 | 2:20 PM

Pasadena-based culinary on-demand startup Kitchen United has appointed former Taco Bell executive Meredith Sandland as Chief Operating Officer, the company announced Tuesday.

At Taco Bell, Sandland served as Chief Development Officer. According to the announcement, she added more than $1 billion in sales to Taco Bell through the addition of 1,000 restaurants in just four years.

“I am thrilled to join Kitchen United at this pivotal time in the evolving restaurant industry landscape,” Sandland said. “I have tremendous respect for Kitchen United’s powerful mission to help restaurants thrive with off-premise dining and will focus on delivering value for our existing partners, attracting new ones and growing our brand.”

Kitchen United said Sandland would be responsible for driving revenue and overseeing the startup’s business strategy, operations, and national rollout plan.

“I’m incredibly excited to welcome Meredith to Kitchen United’s leadership team,” said Kitchen United CEO Jim Collins. “She embodies the strong business instincts, deep knowledge of the industry, extensive leadership and passion that will drive our mission forward. We have ambitious goals for 2018, and the addition of Meredith will enable us to help restaurant operators and independent food professionals expand their footprint and integrate seamlessly with delivery operations by using our turnkey back of house infrastructure.”
Sandland joins former McDonald’s executive Atul Sood and celebrated restaurateur and SBE Entertainment leader Massimo Noja De Marco, who will serve as Kitchen United’s Chief Business Officer and Chief Culinary Officer, respectively.

Sood is spearheading administrative, financial, and operations management, and De Marco is responsible for all aspects of food development for Kitchen United’s culinary partners.

Kitchen United was spun out of Cali Group, the company behind Miso Robotics’ burger-flipping robot, Flippy, and the first application of facial recognition technology in U.S. restaurants, which allows consumers to pay with just their faces.

Last month, Kitchen United introduced its new center of culinary imagination with its first facility in Pasadena. The 12,000 sq. ft. fully equipped kitchen leverages technology, including integrated point of sale software, back of house automation, and efficient order interfaces that combine inbounds from various delivery platforms, to enable new levels of efficiency for food businesses.

The facility will be used by regional and national food and restaurant brands to produce fresh food solely for takeout, catering, and delivery.

Kitchen United also provides kitchen space that can be rented by the hour to food truck operators and catering firms in need of licensed preparation space, as well as by entrepreneurs seeking to develop new food products or restaurant concepts.

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