La Loma Bridge Retrofitting About to Get Noisy

Published : Monday, February 15, 2016 | 1:30 PM

Work on the La Loma Bridge retrofitting project is expected to get a bit noisy starting this week as work transitions from demolition to construction and workers start installing piles to strengthen the foundations. Pile-driving, a noisy but necessary operation, is expected to continue intermittently during daytime hours for about two weeks, the Pasadena Department of Public Works announced.

Pile-driving equipment include large heavy-duty diesel and hydraulic impact hammers that create a lot of noise when used.

Work on the retrofit started in June with relocation of water, power and other utility lines, and installation of falsework to support the permanent structure while repairs are ongoing.

Demolition of the major structure – the existing bridge and appurtenances – began in January 2016. Other recent work included construction of a temporary bridge across the stream channel to provide access for trucks and machinery to the west side of the channel. The contractor has also been busy prepping the site and planning for the transition from demolition to construction of the new bridge structure.

The bridge has been closed to traffic since July last year and will remain closed for 18 months. The seismic retrofit and rehabilitation involves replacement of the bridge deck, rehabilitation of the arches and spandrel columns, and strengthening of the end piers.

Since work began, traffic has been rerouted to other bridges across the Arroyo Seco and residents have been using the Colorado Blvd. Bridge to access areas north of La Loma Bridge, and the San Rafael Bridge to cross into areas south of La Loma.

A collaborative effort of the City of Pasadena and the California Department of Transportation, the rehab work is estimated to cost about $16 million. Project funding consists of $13.3 million in federal funds and $2.7 million from City funds.

The project is expected for completion in the winter of 2016.

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