Leadership Pasadena Receives Grant from Southern California Gas Company

Published : Saturday, December 15, 2018 | 4:45 AM

Leadership Pasadena’s Veteran Cohort 2018 graduating September 2018

Leadership Pasadena (LP) has received a $5,000 grant from So Cal Gas Company to continue its 6-month Community Leadership Course for Veterans to re-mission veterans to serve and lead again through community service and civic leadership. “So Cal Gas Company understands that veterans have tremendous skills in leadership, technology, operations, crisis management plus an inspirational service-driven work ethic all of which is lost when veterans do not engage in their new civilian community, school or job,” according to LP Veterans Services facilitator Lisa Raggio.

“So Cal Gas Company stepped in 2017 and was one of our founding corporate sponsors along with The Ahmanson Foundation. So Cal Gas not only made a financial donation but their Public Affairs Manager Helen Romero Shaw actually came to a training session and met with our veterans. And, through the Gas Company our vets were invited to meet the Board of Directors of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership. So Cal Gas is a true partner to our veteran cohort who we appreciate tremendously,” per Cindy Bengtson, Exec Mgmt Consultant for Leadership Pasadena.

LP’s Course is not a “crisis” program but instead a strength-based pro-active program for vets ready and willing to serve and lead again—but do not understand how to navigate in the civilian world.

So Cal Gas Company Public Affairs Manager Helen Romero Shaw, Leadership Pasadena’s Cindy Bengtson and So Cal Gas Company Regional Affairs Manager Tina Javid.

The LP course helps vets understand leadership in the civilian world, business culture and organization savvy in the civilian sector, multi-generational leadership, non-profit Board skills, the corporate landscape and the history, culture, arts and sciences of Pasadena and more.

The pilot course was completed on Sept 30, 2018. Comments from the veterans who graduated from the course include:

The course was fantastic. Educational, fun, and enriching. I enjoyed the people, topics, discussions, and networking. The most important takeaway was the emphasis on empowerment. Everything centered upon empowering veterans to succeed in the community.

As a veteran is easy to get caught up in the “we” mentality. This course helped me understand the value of “I” without being selfish.
I feel more confident in my abilities to succeed. This course was a confidence booster and a major encouragement to seek further success on the civilian side.

Recruitment for the Cohort 2019 begins in January!

For more information about the course, contact Cindy Bengtson at info@leadershippasadena.org or go to www.leadershippasadena.org

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