Leadership Pasadena Studies at Pasadena’s Remarkable Carnegie Observatory



5:44 am | October 11, 2017

Leadership Pasadena Held its Kick-off session at the remarkable Carnegie Observatory. The session’s content focused on the neuroscience of leadership and behavior change as well as the history of the Observatory and the Observatory leadership heroes and styles over the decades.

Carnegie Observatory Director John Mulchaey gave the class on an extensive tour of the facility and educated the Leadership Pasadena participants on the founding of the Observatory and the incredible scientific accomplishments since 1904.

“George Hale and the Carnegie Institute are the unsung heroes of modern astrophysics and Pasadena’s intellectual and scientific world leadership but most of the Pasadena public knows nothing about the Institute! Leadership Pasadena is thrilled to begin the 2018 Class year there educating ourselves on this critically important part of Pasadena history!” according to Leadership Pasadena Board member Cindy Bengtson.

Since 1904, Hale was the leader in creating the Institute, Caltech and even design and plan the Pasadena City Hall and center. The Mount Wilson telescopes created by the Carnegie Institute transformed astronomy and astrophysics.

Lectures and events at the Observatory are open to the public. The 16th Annual Open House is coming on October 15 from 2 to 5 PM.  Interested? Visit http://obs.carnegiescience.edu/openhouse for details.