Leadership Pasadena Welcomes the Class of 2019

Published : Tuesday, September 18, 2018 | 4:42 AM

Leadership Pasadena (LP) welcomed 22 members of the new Class of 2019 at an all-day training and evening reception at Carnegie Observatory in Pasadena.

“The leadership at Carnegie Observatory are the most gracious hosts,” according to Leadership Pasadena’s Cindy Bengtson, “helping throughout the day to insure the maximum learning experience for our class.”

The history of 20th century astronomy is inextricably linked to the Carnegie Observatories. From the revelation of the universe’s expansion to the discovery of dark energy, Carnegie Observatories scientists have transformed humankind’s understanding of the cosmos. Leadership Pasadena is proud to begin its 2019 program at Carnegie.

The Class of 2019 includes Ava Alexandar, Barbara Avouac, Alexander Boekelheide, Becca Channell, Neal Cheng, Ali Everett, Nick Everett, James Farr, Scott Feldmann, Tina Fox,, Ervin Galvan, Maribell Gonzalez Anthony James, Marleni Jimenez, Alexandra Katsas, Bonnie Martinez, Kaya Plansker, Dioni Rovello, Rebecca Takahashi, JenniferTorres Siders, Heather Wall and Katarina Yang

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