Leadership Pasadena's Military Veterans Learn More About Civilian Workplace Conflict

Published : Tuesday, June 18, 2019 | 12:13 AM

CLCV Cohort 2019 with Bill Mannis, Paul Thomas, Everette Brooks III, Mayor Joseph Rocha, Hector Elizalde

Azusa Pacific University hosted the Community Leadership Course for Veterans Cohort 2019 for a full day of learning and discussion on Friday, June 14.

Lisa Raggio of LP with Coba Canales of APU

Dr. Paul Ferguson, the new President of Azusa Pacific University, welcome the class and APU staff Dr. Bob Welsh, Dean of the School of Behavioral & Applied Sciences and Coba Canales, M. Div, Dean of Student Life made powerful presentations on topics of great interest to the veterans—including the effects of trauma and thoughts on faith and values.

The Honorable Joseph Rocha, Mayor of Azusa spoke intensely about his appreciation, respect and love for veterans and explained all that Azusa is doing to be as veteran focused as possible. He gave out his contact information with the sincere invitation for anyone in the class to call him directly if he can help them.

Hector Elizalde, Deputy District Director for Congresswoman Grace Napolitano told his personal military to civilian transition story and laid out the ways to get involved with local government and how to get help from Congresswoman Napolitano’s office.

Bill Mannis, CEO of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership and Paul Thomas, Director of Marketing and Communications, did a deep dive into the business and demographics of the San Gabriel Valley and showed the power of their Power Site for precise details helpful to job seekers or entrepreneurs looking for where to launch a new business.

Manage of Community Engagement from Foothill Transit, Linda Apodaca, educated the class on public transportation options for getting to school, jobs and employment interviews as well as expounding on the varied and excellent jobs in the transportation industry appropriate for veterans.

Karl Calhoun, Director of Veteran and Recovery Service for Volunteers of America lead a honest and open discussion about services VOA provides veterans and the needs of homeless and unemployed veterans today.

The session ended hearing from Martin Hernandez Barajas, graduate of the first CLCV Cohort in 2018, about his community leadership roles since graduating. Martin lead a local school board election campaign for a victorious candidate; helped Mayor Rocha form a Veterans Advisory Committee to the Mayor of Azusa; became a member of the Azusa Rotary serving on two committees and has plans to be working on leadership workshops for teens in the fall as he studies for his LSAT exam.






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