Legal Investigation of Pasadena’s General Finance Corporation Announced

Published : Wednesday, November 1, 2017 | 6:24 PM

A New York-based law firm has announced it is investigating possible wrongdoing on the part of the board of directors of General Finance Corporation in Pasadena.

In a statement Monday, Purcell Julie and Lefkowitz LLP, a class action law firm dedicated to representing shareholders nationwide, said it is investigating a potential breach of fiduciary duty claim against some of General Finance Corporation’s officers and members of the board of directors.

The statement posted on the law firm’s website advised shareholders of General Finance to fill out a form on the site if they are interested in obtaining additional information about the investigation.

“You may also contact Robert H. Lefkowitz, Esq., either via email at or by telephone at (212) 725-1000. One of our attorneys will personally speak with you about the case at no cost or obligation,” the statement said.

Shareholders Foundation, a professional loss-prevention, settlement recovery, and portfolio monitoring service based in San Diego, also released an advisory last Friday about the investigation, asking investors who may have purchased General Finance Corporation shares to contact them at, or by calling (858) 779-1554.

Purcell Julie & Lefkowitz LLP is a law firm exclusively committed to representing shareholders nationwide who are victims of securities fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, and other types of corporate misconduct.

Headquartered in Pasadena, General Finance Corporation provides mobile storage, liquid containment, and modular space solutions.





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