Letter: Pasadena Police Officers Union Takes Exception to Pasadena Now Story

Published : Friday, December 28, 2018 | 5:41 AM

In response to Pasadena Now’s article on Corporal Sam De Sylva’s current civil litigation, David Llanes, Treasurer of the Pasadena Police Officer’s Association (PPOA) issued the following statement on behalf of the Association and its entire membership:

The Pasadena Police Officers Association has come to respect James Macpherson, publisher of Pasadena Now, for his openness to perspective and balanced approach. This morning’s article, however, is a disappointment to those who seek fair, accurate, and impartial reporting.

Many of us have been victims of eager, unprofessional, rude and overly aggressive solicitors, who come to our doors uninvited and continue to push their wares even after being asked to leave. The majority of solicitors are hardworking individuals trying to make a living. But, there are also those who have nefarious intentions. Criminal groups casing homes to see who is home and what may be inside as you are distracted by their so-called, “sales pitch” is a common occurrence. Several published news articles describe this crime trend.

Could this possibly be the reason Officer De Sylva’s wife was suspicious of a stranger who came to her door at almost 6 p.m. on a dark January night? A stranger who refused to leave after several requests to do so? With two young children at her side and her husband unavailable at the moment, was it unreasonable for the spouse of a police officer to be scared — knowing her husband faces an untold number of daily threats at home and work?

An unbiased attempt to print a quality piece of news would have asked and made a diligent effort to answer these questions. Instead, we were appalled and mortified to read about a perceived race issue and a perceived unjustified use of force. We are unable to question the article’s author directly because there is no by-line. We have no idea who wrote this piece or what their true motivations are. Pasadena Now can do better.

Corporal Sam De Sylva is a 17 year veteran of the Pasadena Police Department. Sam’s highly distinguished career includes service in the following assignments: Patrol, Traffic, Bike Patrol, Technical Services, Coordinator of the Field Training Program and Community Services. He is currently assigned to the Office of the Chief as the Policies and Risk Management Auditor. His accomplishments include being the former President of the PPOA. A devoted family man, Sam has also volunteered numerous hours to our community and the City of Pasadena.

The members of the Pasadena Police Officers Association stand in support of Corporal Sam De Sylva and await the outcome of due process. We have spoken with Chief Perez. The Chief is in full support of Corporal De Sylva and found these allegations to be without merit. We are confident the truth will prevail.


From the Publisher: To clarify, concerns about any article in Pasadena Now, whether it has a byline or not, should be addressed to Pasadena Now Publisher James Macpherson at jamesm@pasadenanowmagazine.com.

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