Letter to the Editor | Don’t Let Her Get Away with Just a Slap on the Hand

Published : Tuesday, October 3, 2017 | 6:49 AM

Earlier last month, Jasmine Abdullah Richards, who is currently on probation, was lawfully arrested, for interfering with our Police Department. She was subsequently arrested and though she received a continuance, I am hopeful that she will be found in violation of her parole. She was granted parole for the felony charge she brought upon herself, back in August of 2015.

She has tried to portray herself as a political prisoner and someone that the North West part of Pasadena needs in order to “survive”. But in reality, by following videos that are readily available on youtube, time and time again, she is seen baiting, our Pasadena Police Officers.

She is not a person of any positivity. She labels all people who are not black as being white supremacists and/or racist. In fact, one of her most recent posts on social media, she made the following statement about African American men:

“Straight black men are the White People of Black People.” I cannot help but assume that she is putting down straight black men. How can she possibly be a positive influence if this is what she believes and says?

Anyone who has attended a city council meeting or has watched online, has more than likely seen her disrespectful behavior.

Maybe, she does have good intentions, I would like to think that she does. But it is difficult to see her as anything else, but someone who was convicted with interfering with an arrest and now, is facing a parole violation.

I hope and pray that the prosecuting attorney and the judge see the whole picture this time and don’t let her get away with more than just a slap on the hand.

Juan March Ordinas
North West Pasadena

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